So our basic task for Backtack 3 was to make a softie. I made the pointy kitty, a free pattern from the softie queen herself–Wee Wonderfuls.

backtack leg.JPG

Well, I had never made a softie before, and I’m afraid it shows. The poor kitty* is bowlegged and lumpy and suffers from so many birth defects that I fear for its survival. I do hope my backtack buddy Sarah doesn’t run screaming when she opens the package. Despite its flaws, the kitty is still kinda cute!
*As I worked on the kitty, Peter kept asking, “What IS that thing?” You see, you make the head and the body separately. The tail is long and sticks up in the air. Peter thought the tail was the neck and could not figure out how I was going to attach a head to it.

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3 Responses to backtackin’

  1. carolyn says:

    wow our fabric is kinda similar, no? i’m afraid mine will have many birth defects as well. plus because i’m definitely machine sewing on stuff like the stripes and eyes, etc., NOT hand sewing it on later after it’s stuffed (that’s insane).

  2. Tania Ho says:

    lol, it seems we’re all suffering from the same thing .. I finished my kitty last night and I tried to cover all its defects with the extra buttons and trims 😉

  3. sarah says:

    i think it looks cute! i can’t wait to see your handiwork in person. i eagerly await my new pointy kitty…..

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