pie for me

Can you all keep a secret? Yesterday I went over to Amy‘s to “help” her with mailorder preparations. Well, I think she got the raw end of the deal. I mean, not only did I get fed delicious banh mi sandwiches for dinner, but I also got an entire homemade rhubarb pie! The amount of work I put in was worth maybe two bites of sandwich! The pie is delicious, and all I want to do is eat it all day long.

rhubarb pie.JPG
Mmmmmm, pie.

Oh, some of you asked about the Machiko Kayaki book. The ISBN is 4-579-10875-2. You can maybe order it from Kinokuniya or definitely from Amazon Japan or YesAsia. In my opinion, all her books are really stellar.

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5 Responses to pie for me

  1. kat says:

    Damn I was eyeing that pie off on Amy’s site yesterday. You are one lucky lady!!!! I love pie!

  2. carolyn says:

    yum yum yum love rhubarb pie.

  3. carla Hibbard says:

    How do you not weigh 300 pounds? You kill me!

  4. melissa f. says:

    so paul and i ate the eggs and gave sam the toys. apparently i have been out of the loop with the kindersurprise lately– such good toys!! sam’s been playing with them all morning which means your gifts keep giving and giving.

  5. amy k. says:

    ha!! no, thank YOU.

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