there’s fungus among us

george pedicure.JPG
My 90-year-old father had his first ever pedicure the other day. He’s too old to reach his feet, and his nails are too gnarled and nasty for anyone but this sweet Vietnamese manicurist to want to touch. He was a little confused about what was going on, but everyone at the salon was so gracious that he ended up having a great time. Next time I think my mother and I will join in!

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13 Responses to there’s fungus among us

  1. Anjali says:

    That’s an awesome picture. What magazine is he reading? I’ll be so happy if it’s US Weekly.

  2. melissa f. says:

    i don’t know wether to laugh or to cry.

  3. amy in az says:

    A day in the life of Mr Fujinaka. I love it– hopefully he is a reading a gossip rag- I am right? Great pic.

  4. Kathy says:

    He has such a bemused look on his face!

  5. gleek says:

    aw! he’s so cute! i hope that he liked his experience! i keep trying to get my husband to get a pedicure but he won’t have it.

  6. claudia says:

    And you, right there with the camera.

  7. melissa f. says:

    why can’t i spell check comments? gah… it must kill you.

  8. Alison says:

    This post will make me smile all day!! I hope he’s up to speed on Brit and k-Fed’s activities this week.

  9. Julia says:

    Haha!! Your grandfather has the sweetest face… =D

  10. udandi says:

    isn’t he just the cutest looking in that chair with his magazine!

  11. carolyn says:

    george is so cute. i love george!

  12. aww..this is so cute.

  13. Susanne says:

    Hi.! that is exactly what I do however I go to people’s homes and do their footcare in the privacy of their home.
    Older people, (in particular) need to take good care of their feet as so many problems can develop as a result of neglect. Yes, fungus included!
    Glad your Grandfather enjoyed it, he should keep it up, on a regular basis if possible.
    If I lived closer I would be glad to be his “in home” pedicurist! 🙂

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