the worst marketing move ever

Update! Okay, here’s the shoe information! The shoes are by a New Zealand company called Minx. I bought them at a local shoe store called PedX. They seem to carry Minx at small, independently owned shoe boutiques, so get out your yellow pages and start calling! They are rather spendy (that’s a local term, by the way. I never hear anyone outside of Portland use that term), but they DO go on sale.
On superbuzzy we’re selling some curtain fabric with little sailboats on it. We thought it’d be fun to show some other applications for this fabric, and when Chicken Amy mentioned it’d make a cute skirt, I decided to have a go at it. Well, it didn’t come out exactly as planned; I think it was the design I selected, and I guess I just didn’t think it through thoroughly enough. But, since we’re all friends here, I figured I’d display the skirt anyway:

sail skirt.JPG
Let me say that while my particular skirt came out a little funky, I think you can still use the fabric for a skirt (a wrap skirt would be nice), it’d make a great apron, and of course, it will make lovely cafe curtains, its original intent. The edges are finished, and all you have to do is cut around the scalloped edges, and voila, so cute!
And now, what some of you have been waiting for–Peter’s comments (he should take over for Tim Gunn if Tim decides to retire, don’t you think?):
– “I don’t know if that would even qualify as cute. It’s so strange.”
– “Are you going to wear that around?”
– “I mean, sweetie, LOOK at it!”
– “As an apron I think it could work.”

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27 Responses to the worst marketing move ever

  1. Christybu says:

    Lovin’ those Peter’s comments.

  2. Kathy says:

    Well, it *does* showcase the fabric 🙂

  3. Jackie says:

    It DOES give us an idea about the fabric…but I must say – I am LOVING your shoes!!How cute are those??

  4. melissa f. says:

    i will say that tucking in the shirt isn’t doing you any favours. BUT i think the skirt is sweet anyway, and i’m not sure what the problem is– buy the fabric, people! dress your children in it! they will thank you! especially if they are sailors!

  5. alison says:

    Once again, Peter is cracking me up.

  6. Terry says:

    Hmm, I think Peter should give it a go w. the sewing / designing. 🙂 Thanks for the idea!

  7. kim says:

    I always get a kick out of Peter’s comments because they so sound like something my husband would say!

  8. K says:

    Cute skirt! Also: LOVE the shoes! SO cute!

  9. K says:

    I tried looking through the archives to see if you ever mentioned what brand those shoes were, but I couldn’t find them. Could you please reveal? And if you remember where you got them? Cutest shoes of all time!

  10. megan says:

    make me one of them sailboat skirts for fleet week….a slutty version that will attract the sailors!!
    Peter’s a dork, I’m with Terry, make him sew something 🙂

  11. suzy says:

    He does sound just like Tim Gunn! (maybe because I’m reading it to myself in a Tim Gunn voice… obviously watching far too much Project Runway).

  12. katie says:

    Maybe I’m weird, but I love it! I think it’s really cute.

  13. Kirsten says:

    I think the skirt is actually quite cute. The shoes, however, are adorable. Please, tell us what they are!

  14. hannah says:

    im going to have to go with melissa, doesnt look like a tuck in type skirt, but i do love me some scallops. on fabric or on a plate, either one. i think peter was pushing it for blog drama, come on four comments?

  15. Lola says:

    I really, really, like the skirt. I wonder if a couple small darts would just cinch it just enough to get rid of the small pocket of air in the front. I would also love to see a back picture.
    But most of all I want to know what kind of shoes those are!! I read through the comments and still, no answer! PLEASE! We beg you to tell us!!

  16. Gina says:

    I do thin it is cute. My favorite Peter comment:
    – “I mean, sweetie, LOOK at it!”

  17. Daphne says:

    ahaha! I love Hannah’s comment. Peter is pretty funny with his reactions–I’m glad they amuse rather than hurt, that’s for sure. But tell him that “weird” in no way disqualifies something from being cute.

  18. The Skirt says:

    I think the skirt does a kind of cute housewife-chic thing – I kinda like it!
    And yay Minx shoes, they are meant to be really comfy. They can be a bit spendy here too, cos the market is small and they don’t make millions of each pair.

  19. K says:

    Good call, The Skirt! It looks like they might be these Minx “Epic” shoes?

  20. mery says:

    I think is cute! maybe not with the shirt tucked in, but other than that I see nothing wrong with it!

  21. marielle says:

    Well, when I clicked over here and looked at the pic before I read the post, my first thought had been “cute skirt!!”
    Even after reading the post, that’s what I’m thinking.

  22. diane says:

    cute skirt
    congrats on the cyberstore
    i live in central texas
    and people do use the word spendy

  23. sheryl says:

    Adorable skirt! And we use the term “spendy” in Minnesota too, I’ve never heard it anywhere else.

  24. Cirilia says:

    Speaking of shoes! I bought the Primas in a size down, but they were slightly too tiny. The shipping from the only place that had them in stock was really high so I ordered another pair and put the originals up on eBay–I think I’m actually going to turn a profit! People are selling them for as much as 50 bucks! I fully attribute their popularity to your review =)

  25. shokufeh says:

    I love the style of the skirt.

  26. amy k. says:

    okay-I love the skirt!! you should have pimped it man, just written “look at his rad skirt!”
    and peter is amazing. really amazing. my pete can’t get enough.

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