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I love how there are always discoveries to be made, especially when they’re unexpected. I have been searching far and wide for cubyrop candies ever since Anjali featured them on her blog (if you are a fan of Japanese candy, you must tune in for her Japanese Candy Fridays). I had searched in vain until today! I found them at an Asian supermarket not far from my house. It specializes in Chinese and Vietnamese food, so I never thought I’d find these coveted little Japanese candies there.

cubyrop and marshmallows.JPG
As you can see, I also got some fun-looking marshmallows (made in the Philippines, no less!). The cubyrop do not disappoint. They are hard candies in fruity flavors. Yum. Maybe I should get more to include in superbuzzy orders?
The Asian supermarket (Fubonn) is housed in a larger mall (Fubonn Center) that has all sorts of mysterious Asian stores. One is a bakery with beautiful slices of cake and lots of buns and breads of unknown content. I got this perfect little bun for Peter:
meianna bun.JPG
He wouldn’t eat it, though, because he was scared of it. Why?
meianna bun with dog.JPG
It has a hot dog in it! In Japan they have all sorts of breads with, uh, exotic foodstuffs crammed into them. I thought Peter might enjoy this bun. After all, it’s kind of like a weiner wrap, and who doesn’t like weiner wraps? Maybe I will eat it tomorrow, though I have been sick lately, and that bun might just send me into a relapse …

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  1. I need that kind of relapse. Send one over this way. HAHAHAHA

  2. Anjali says:

    Yay for Cubyrop! And I think they call that kind of thing an “American dog” in Japan, even though few Americans would want anything to do with it.

  3. TT says:

    When you say “an American dog” in Japan, it means a corn dog. In japan they call that kind of buns “Weiner Roll”.

  4. avalynda says:

    i drive by fubonn every so often, and now i have to stop! hooray for odd japanese candies! but that bun… it’s freaking me out a bit.

  5. carolyn says:

    i could so go for a weiner wrap right now!

  6. alison says:

    I’m having Taiwan flashbacks — weiners in croissants! Pork on a croissant! Corn in a croissant! (Me, I like my pastries without meat or vegetables. Just leave a good thing alone, people!)

  7. dana says:

    Yes, I was at an Asian market once, and decided to get a selection of mysterious pastries to take to a friend’s house. It was really embarrasing though, because once I tried one, I had to tell her not to eat them. You see, she’s a vegetarian, and the topping that looked like brown sugar or something tasted distinctly meaty…

  8. hannah says:

    not like superbuzzy orders arent exciting enough, but more candy?? yes please!

  9. gleek says:

    the japanese deli near where i work has hotdogs inside of donuts. god, that’s just SO wrong.

  10. Sasha says:

    I’m with Peter, that weiner roll makes me gag.
    But Cubyrop, mmm! They have them at my local Uwajimaya, not the big bag, but in a small pack like gum so it’s easy to overlook it.

  11. monica says:

    I’ve seen those at the asian bakeries along with the buns that have something that looks like salad with mayonaise in it. And it’s never refrigerated!

  12. freecia says:

    The bun is kinda … cute. Yes, I’m asian. I would cutely devour it with galore and zest.

  13. carol says:

    such a cute little hot dog bun. students sell those after school to raise moneys for fun stuff…the kids seem to like them!

  14. Rita says:

    That looks like what we have here in Texas called a Kolache – sausage in a roll. But that’s Czech, not Asian. And they aren’t packaged. You get them fresh from the bakery and they are quite yummy.

  15. Melissa says:

    We have a breakfast place here in northwest Florida, the Happy Doughnut Breakfast, owned by an Asian couple, the doughnuts are made fresh everyday and they also serve sausages in a roll. The roll is just sweet enough. Not doughnut sweet, but sweeter than your basic yeast roll.

  16. jan says:

    they put all kinds of stuff in the rolls here (in Japan) sweet beans and curry and potato salad and smetimes it hard to find just a plain bun. Maybe I have overlooked the pleasures of cubyrops. I`ll go try some today!!!!!!

  17. Elspeth says:

    That looks good, but is kind of a funny presentation for an enrobed hot dog! The marshmallows look delicious!

  18. Alyce says:

    I’m so glad you found those those Cubydrops at that store in Fubonn! I’ve been looking for them as well- I must have overlooked them last time I was there! I did pick up a box of delicious matcha ice cream popcicles there. They are from Japan (RedRose brand?) and come in a small black and red box with a picture of a matcha wisk on it. I got some bread and cake at that bakery as well. They have all kinds of crazy toasting breads!

  19. oiyi says:

    I love hot dog buns! I get them all the time in the Chinese Bakeries in NY’s Chinatown. They have them in different shapes too.

  20. Julie says:

    Ooooo, I got to visit Japan this past April and I ADORED the different types of bread. One bakery had this Texas-toast-sized cinnamon raisin bread which was amazing… and there was the …. sugar coated bread? I can’t remember what it was called. Also my friend and I went on several mornings to get a quick breakfast at the convenient store and ended up with “custard cream bread” more often than not… YUMMM.

  21. kessa says:

    Yummy looking sweets you’ve got there. 😉 I never thought hot dog buns looks scary before but now that you’ve mentioned it, they do sound a little strange. Heh.

  22. sharon says:

    Mmm, roll on the sweet side, filled with some sort of goodie. Makes me nostalgic for Lawson’s and other little convenience stores all over Japan.

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