ready for halloween

After many, many years, one of my dreams has come true–I have always wanted to give away full-size candy bars for Halloween. As long as I have been of candy-giving age, I have either lived where no child in his or her right mind would ever be or where we had hundreds of ravenous trick-or-treaters. This will be our second Halloween here in Portland, and based on last year’s tally, I decided we could afford the big ones.

halloween candy06.JPG
If I see any returns, though, I am taking away the candy! Ah, who am I kidding? I am pretty oblivious. If the same kid came five times I probably wouldn’t even notice. So anyway, you Portlanders with kids who know where I live? FULL-SIZE CANDY BARS. Bring ’em on (but I only have 90. After 90 the lights are going off!).

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  1. Go you! You’re going to have a sugared-up pack of fans! And that picture makes me want to munch on Skittles for the first time in awhile. =D

  2. Lynn says:

    How mean am I? This is what I do with my kids. If you ever have ’em, you’ll know why, too. 😉

  3. myra says:

    You will be the most popular house in Portland and will definitely be the highlight of many a child’s Halloween!

  4. diane says:

    We live in Texas now, but when we first moved to Northern California in ’91, when took our daughter trick-or-treating on a swank street in Palo Alto. One house not only gave her a full-sized Snickers bar, but the owners insisted that we each take one too. Because free food is the best food (and large quantities of free food is better still), the experience left an impression.
    We’ve been the “full-sized candy bar” people for several years, and let me tell you….you get famous fast. Kids gleefully respond to the weighty thud of a big 3 Musketeers or a two-pack of Reese’s PB Cups, and that’s fun. At our previous house in Texas, we’d keep it to 50 pieces, which took care of just about everyone who showed up by about 8:30. Then it was lights out.
    But a few months ago, we moved to a new town and a neighborhood that reportedly gets swamped with kids. Word is that you go through 300 pieces in the first two hours here. So I trekked to Costco and bought bags of fun-size bars….455 of them all told. I guess our full-size candy bar days are over. Sigh.
    BTW, it’s usually just the older kids (pre-teens, etc.), who try to come back and get another piece. They’ll swap masks with a friend or something. Didn’t happen often to us, but if you suspect someone is double-dipping, ask them nicely if they’re making a second visit. Some actually admit it, believe it or not. Kind of restores your faith in humanity.
    Have fun! And Happy Halloween!

  5. Thrusher says:

    What a fun post, and it gets extra points because I’m from Portland and think it’s the best place on earth. The kids who visit your house this year are going to be so happy!

  6. Mandy says:

    You are so hard core.

  7. Terry says:

    Uhh, what’s your address (so I can fly up), and you won’t notice a tall “kid” at your door wd. you? You have a big heart! And your commenter is right about getting famous fast! (Now, no nibbling 🙂

  8. freecia says:

    Dude, I bet if a kid was double or quad dipping, you’d offer them Japanese candy ’cause they obviously know you’re holding out for those who love Candy.
    Respect the sugar fiends.

  9. udandi says:

    You are going to make some trick-or-treaters very happy!
    Congrats on realizing your dream 🙂

  10. becky says:

    I lived on a dead end (and somewhat dark) street in San Jose when I was a kid. There would be massive amounts of kids just a block away, but very few would venture down our street so my mom gave away to each kid: a full sized Hershey bar and a box of cracker jacks!
    We give out good (stuff like Snickers, not tootsie rolls) fun size candy (2-3 each though since we have very few trick or treaters) unless the kid is too old for trick or treating. Those kids get offered “the yuck plate” which has hard boiled eggs, squid tentacles, and clam bits.

  11. We’re gonna kick your ass.

  12. PlazaJen says:

    Hmmmm. That looks suspiciously like the combo pack at CostCo I’m going to buy…. We bought a similar mongo box last year, and let me tell you, we WERE the rock star house, so you know I’m doing it again this year. Screw fun-size.

  13. Kathy says:

    I do the Sugar Fairy, too! The boys eat what they want Halloween night and go nuts, but the rest get set out for the Sugar Fairy and voila, a nifty toy gets left behind in the morning. They love it. We love it. Everyone wins 🙂

  14. Jennifer says:

    OMG! Can I come? I love the houses that give out the full size candy bars! You’re the best.

  15. mary b says:

    Wow, full sized bars, that brings up memories… I’ve already purchased my (fun-sized) candy for this year, but next year, I’m going full size! Thanks.

  16. J Strizzy says:

    It being our first Halloween in our house, I’m not sure how many kids to expect. But I’m gonna keep a tally, and if there aren’t that many kids we have big plans for next year…

  17. hannah says:

    i can still remember the one time i found a house that gave away full sized bars. a dream come true!

  18. feanese says:

    omg i want to be a portland kid and visit you. i’d make myself 50 different clothes so you don’t recognize me ; )
    (i’m watching your blog for a long time but never had anything to say really. so just cheers from poland where is no halloween at all :/ )

  19. Mia says:

    Who are you trying to fool? Peter? We know that you will be eating it all…. 😉

  20. Kay says: seriously, what part of town do you live in? I HAVE to bring the kids by; they would flip at full-sized candy bars. Man, I sound like a stalker weirdo but… full sized candy bars! And, since we stash over half the candy… mwahahahaha!!

  21. Olivia says:

    Yay! I’m so glad I know where you live Mariko.

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