It’s a dark and sad day in California, but the knitting must go on! I think I am going to hold off YET AGAIN on seaming the Becky Wannabe sweater sleeves, because I have a headache, and who wants to seam with an aching head? Not me.
I was browing around today looking for suitable candidates for Kool Aid dyeing (thanks to Silvia for planting the dyeing idea into my tiny head) when I came across this:
scary sweater.jpg
Is anyone else scared of this sweater?!? I like fuzzy yarn like that, but not knit up into some freako vest!

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7 Responses to Knitternator

  1. It’s a dark and sad day in California? Well, you must live in a different part of California. With Arnold becoming the governor, it’s bright and sunny here. 🙂

  2. Silvia says:

    Ewww…I could make a chest hair joke, but alas I’m also too depressed by the “election”…I’m turning communist…and knitting…Knitters of the world UNITE!
    You can also use Koolaid to dye your hair, do the google search my friends and you will see I speak the truth…

  3. Cari says:

    Oh dear….someone has killed Chewbacca and turned him into a vest! Very sad. Very sad indeed.

  4. Ruth in Houston says:

    EEeek only a skinny mini would look good in that vest… me I’m 5’2 38-40C cup and I’d look like Morgana. Remember her? I saw her on TV once and that was enough… she was running accross a baseball field big boobs a bouncing every where.
    If I were a skini-mini Id try it on.

  5. Marcia says:

    I’m thinking Romulan Ritual Reproduction Vest. The partner wears one too, making for some velcro stickability so no one can change their mind mid romp.

  6. Marcia says:

    PS I do like that long ribbing. There’s a cool sweater at filati (sp?) free pattern site that I’ve been eyeballing.

  7. alysia says:

    Yikes! I got the sample newsletter from Elann and really wanted to like that yarn, but I couldn’t get the image of that sweater out of my head! [And personally, I’m not so sure about Arnold… but we’ll see. ;)]

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