mushroom memories

I have been looking through old photo albums lately, mostly to locate some mushroom photos. We used to go mushroom hunting up on Mt. Hood all the time when I was a kid, and I wanted to find proof of how many matsutake grew wild up there. Nowadays, you see, the mushrooms have been overpicked and are thus very rare (and very expensive). I was never good at finding them, but my grandmother was:

mushroom bounty.JPG

Browsing through the photos made me yearn for the wardrobe of my childhood. There were some crazy colorful outfits and many sweater vests. I think this is my favorite outfit:
crop mushroom hunting.jpg
I think I should duplicate it. The sweater vest shouldn’t be so difficult to copy.
Oh, and what’s this, another sweater vest?
crop lunch.jpg

Some green terry cloth shorts might be just the ticket this summer, along with a striped terry cloth t-shirt:
crop green terry cloth shorts.jpgcrop strawberry hat.jpg

And a fancy new dress (my chunky legs haven’t changed much):
crop new dress.jpg

I love my mother’s outfit in this snow photo:
snow outfits.JPG

I thought it’d be funny to crop my head out of the photos, since I always chop off my head for photos. All the full images, along with a couple others, can be found at my flickr site here. I’ve totally been getting into flickr these days, mostly because I was shamed into it by Amy and Melissa, who chided me for being a lame flickr person.

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18 Responses to mushroom memories

  1. marielle says:

    I’m so glad you’re getting into the Flickr thing. I love these childhood images!

  2. Anjali says:

    Whoa, the mind boggles at all those matsutake!
    When you copy the sweater vest and flowered pants, I think you should also model them in the same stance.

  3. Wakana says:

    Wow! I’ve never seen so many matsutake, even in stores back in Japan. I’ve got to show the photo to my husband and show him what he could have done when he was growing up in Lake Oswego 🙂

  4. Rita says:

    Oh, my goodness, Mariko! You legs are NOT chunky! Not even now.

  5. megan says:

    SO FREAKING CUTE!!! I love your photos 🙂

  6. gleek says:

    WOW, that’s a lot of matsutake mushrooms! i can only imagine how much that lot would be worth today. they could probably pay the mortgage one month 🙂
    love all the photos and vintage wear. you should definitely try to recreate some of those.

  7. Sandee says:

    You were so cute!

  8. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for the walk down your memory lane. It was a delight to see all the wonderful childhood memories and handknit sweaters. I love the picture of your Mom in the snow. I see that your skirt savvy was an inherited gene.

  9. Kay says:

    I can’t get Flick’r to work right, so I’m missing out on all that photo sharing fun.
    SO HAPPY to see Little Mariko the Mushroom Girl. That smocky sweater vest (with a flower? do I see a flower?), the second one, is just darling and so Now. You must make one for Big Mariko. xox Kay

  10. Zoe says:

    I love all of those clothes and I think they’d be great as adult versions!

  11. melissa christerson says:

    I really like the melmac plate and cup those are very popular now a days. By the way I really enjoy your blog and this may sound sad but on occasion I came to just to see the action of your brothers funny head:) lol

  12. freecia says:

    My childhood legs look very similar to yours except your knees are straighter and better looking. My legs haven’t changed much either. I have to get petite pants, hem my pants, or roll them up.

  13. Cirilia says:

    Those outfits are incredible. I am often tempted to take childhood photos to my hairdresser and I once took the movie poster from Spirited Away. They thought I was mocking them.
    My latest post sort of involves you. I have become a hideous groupie of the NW Apple Gang. Need a NE chapter, perhaps?

  14. melissa f. says:

    i am so into all your pictures on flickr. i would actually like them all in a single poster format (preferably matte finish) to hang on my wall.

  15. Lydia says:

    Wow, that’s a lot of matsutake! Your picture really puts it into perspective how treasured they are now. I love the photos of you as a kid with the head chopped off; it wouldn’t be you otherwise.

  16. sonia says:

    hahahhahahaha!!! mariko, these pictures are awesome!

  17. Melly says:

    What fabulous photos!! And what a great blog – I have had fun looking around. I just love some of those old clothes. Really funky. That second sweater vest is really cute and that fancy dress is just to die for!

  18. VaxGirl says:

    hehe, the first sweater vest looks like it’s made from sock monkey skin/fur!

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