blouse pants skirt

I accidentally bought another Japanese sewing book a while back.

blouseskirtpants cover (Large).JPG
You can probably guess what kinds of patterns are in the book. ISBN 4-579-11096-X
I thought it would have just really basic patterns, but there are some cute items in there.
blouseskirtpants tunic (Large).JPG
I want to make this tunic top, I think, but I’ll probably make it shorter and less, you know, flowy.
I also like this little utility apron thing, though I think the model is wearing it as a skirt.
blouseskirtpants skirt (Large).JPG

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14 Responses to blouse pants skirt

  1. kat says:

    I love your use of ‘accidentally’!!!!

  2. debbie says:

    hmmmm….ok, i’ll try that on my husband next time – “oh dear, i ‘accidentally’ bought another knitting book/sock yarn/more beads….” kidding aside, i love the clean lines of the the clothes on the cover – is that a chinese style top in the lower left corner?

  3. sara says:

    I love the patterns. Was that another Kinokuniya purchase?
    Btw, I got my superbuzzy fabrics and adore all of them! In fact, I’m dying to put them to good use but won’t have much crafting time for another couple of weeks. *Sigh*

  4. Alexis says:

    I accidentally buy things all the time. Isn’t it terrible. My deepest condolences. HEEE! 😀

  5. Kristin says:

    I accidentally keep buying those books too! Gawd, I’m going to have to get help. This one looks practical though. I buy the ones that have things in them for my fantasy life.

  6. alison says:

    That accidental shopping is really weird, isn’t it? Oh well, what can you do. I love the pants + apron/skirt combo.

  7. Illanna says:

    Thanks for the Superbuzzy order that you shipped so fast. I was surfing the web and I found a new Rowan pattern that’s named after you! It’s even knit up in your signature color. Check it out: Scroll down a little and you’ll find it.
    I like that little utility skirt too- It would be fun to make with some crazy buttons.

  8. Hello! Just found your blog. My best friend is Japanese and she sent me an apron just like that in the mail. I LOVE IT and like to wear it over my jeans as a skirt thing… but I am not brave enough to go outside wearing it… still its totally adorbale.

  9. tanya says:

    I absolutey LOOOVE these pants/skirt thing.

  10. Morgan says:

    I LOVE the pants/skirt combo. So lovely! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Marianne says:

    That shirt would make a great maternity top. I’m in the throws of maternity clothes and it is just beautiful and feminine. If you want to make me one, I wouldn’t object! 😉

  12. Marianne says:

    That shirt would make a beautiful maternity top. I’m in the throes of maternity clothes, and not too excited about my choices where I live. You could make one up for me, and I’ll take a picture for your blog! 🙂
    The skirt/apron is cool too.

  13. Marianne says:

    whoops, I posted twice–now three times–sorry!

  14. Terry says:

    Yes, funny how those Japanese craft books just all of a sudden! accidently appear in your hands after you mysteriously? somehow paid for them….Happens to me at Kinokinuya many times:)

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