Oooh, I hear laughter in the rain

The other day I went to the Knittn’ Kitten with Action Hero Melissa, Susan of Susan Stars, and Sister Diane of the Portland Church of Craft (and other organizations. That gal is busy). The Knittn’ Kitten has all kinds of vintage fabrics and yarns and crafty items. They had a nice selection of old craft magazines, including McCall’s Needlework and Crafts. I snagged the spring/summer 1970 issue.

McCall needlework 1970.JPG

This particular issue seemed to have quite a few small projects, which appealed to me, even though I seem to be in a major crafting rut right now.
McCall 1.JPGMcCall 2.JPG
Fun with fruit! I love the “hi” and “bye” signs, too.
This issue also features some needlework ideas. I like the motto in this one:
McCall 3.JPG
Ha ha! Easy does it, indeed!
And then if you need a new summer wardrobe, McCall’s is ready with some ideas. Dig the crocheted number, though it’s rather racy, and do you suppose Peter will let me aboard his sailboat if I wear the nautical outfit?
McCall 4.JPGMcCall 5 nautical.JPG

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9 Responses to Oooh, I hear laughter in the rain

  1. Lynn says:

    I love Knittin’ Kitten!

  2. maryse says:

    you have the best shops in portland. that issue of needlecraft looks really familiar. i wonder if i remember it from my childhood.

  3. Danielle says:

    How fun! The fruit piece reminds me of the Alexander Henry “Apples and Pears” fabric that I am coveting right now…

  4. sara says:

    i really love the fruit piece.

  5. susan b. says:

    I love those projects — the fruit is so awesome! The one I found (spring-summer 1969) has the most killer zodiac birthday party spread: “An unusual, delightful idea for your club or special group: guests share a smiling sun birthday cake, munch cosmic cookies.”

  6. Stella says:

    No, I think if you make that outfit, Peter will put his foot down and call the nice men in the white coats! Be careful! I love all the fruity stuff. I think my Mom must have had that magazine!

  7. Sil says:

    Oh I adore those big round flowers. Very retro chic. Can you gocco those flowers onto something?

  8. Kathy says:

    Ooooh! Now that’s a store I need to check out ASAP. You know, if you lined that crocheted top it’d be really cute. Not so sure about the pants, though.

  9. Eek says:

    Lovelovelove the door hangers and fruit stuff. The crocheted outfit is scary, though… and I adore nautical stuff, but that seems a bit much… even for me!

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