needlin’ around

Ay, caramba! It has been a long while since I have posted! I’ve been so busy packing up orders that I really haven’t done any crafting or anything else remotely interesting to share with you. The other day, though, I had to help my mother with some errands, which proved rather fruitful for me, cuz I got to have tasty udon and snatch some Japanese craft books.
Here’s my mother enjoying her udon:

hakatamon mom.JPG

And here are my noodles. It’s gobo ten, which is burdock root tempura with udon.
hakatamon goboten.JPG
We ate at Hakatamon, which is inside the Uwajimaya supermarket in Beaverton. This is also the location of Kinokuniya books. Woohoo! Oh, and here’s another tip–I found one lonely tube of the magic pink lip balm!
I didn’t purchase any sewing books, but I did pick up a couple books on handwork. I’m not sure why I got these, since I never do any handwork and know very little about it, but maybe I can learn!
This one is full of little cross stitch designs:
small cross stitch book.JPG

Here’s a sample page from it:
small xstitch1.JPG
The ISBN is 4-579-11106-0
I also got a sampler book of embroidery stitches:
embroidery stitch book.JPG
I know nothing about embroidery, but this book has really good photos, so I figure it will be an excellent reference if I ever take up handwork.
A sample page:
embroidery 1.JPG
ISBN 4-529-02401-6

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11 Responses to needlin’ around

  1. Lynn says:

    omigod. I have to go to Kinokuniya now, I cannot stand to be Japanese craft book-less any longer. I CANNOT STAND IT! And I HATE going to Beaverton! *whine*

  2. splatgirl says:

    You are really trying to kill me. You have NO IDEA how bad I have been craving udon lately. Just looking at that picture I can taste their delicious flabby, chewy whiteness swimming in a spoonful yummy broth. And I apologize for using the word ‘flabby’ to describe food, but it’s really a most fitting descripton for udon, doncha think?
    I get a little weird without my noodles, and I haven’t been able to go have some because it’s winter and I don’t get out much and the closest place that serves a worthy udon is the sushi bar at the mall, and I just can’t do the mall. You and your darn post. I have not had burdock root. What is it like?

  3. Betsy says:

    Mmmmm! Reminds me of being a little girl at Mrs. Shinsato’s kitchen table. She got the biggest kick watching us little Irish kids go at her Udon with relish. I bless her daily for expanding my culinary world with love and warmth at her Japanese table.

  4. Taya says:

    That is so crazy that Jon and I did the exact same thing but on Saturday! Jon likes the beef curry but I try something different each time. I love their salad dressing. I purchased a different embroidery book so I’ll have to bring it over. I wanted to get a cross stitch book too but I tried to have some self control. I bought Jon a crazy mechanical pencil.

  5. What is magical abu tht elip balm. I’m going to Tokyo in Summer and I love buying japanese beauty products. I will look for this one.

  6. What is magical about the lip balm? I am going to Tokyo this summer and love buying Japanese beauty products. I shall have to look for this one.

  7. Carol says:

    I just have give you props on my recent Superbuzzy purchase… I received my two bags today and was so tickled to also get tasty Japanese candy AND a cool Superbuzzy pencil! I’ve been reading and enjoying your blog for so long, it was like breaking the fourth wall by seeing the handwritten note from you on the packing slip. I shall be the envy of all my friends, sporting one of my new bags tomorrow.

  8. Chloe says:

    That cross-stitch book looks fantastic! I love little projects like that 🙂

  9. Chloe says:

    That cross-stitch book looks great! I love little projects like that – easy to tote around 🙂

  10. carolyn says:

    i love how the light behind your mom is giving her a halo around her head. mrs. F. is such a cutie! 😉

  11. Vespabelle says:

    I have that sample book and it is amazing! So many stitches to try! I have tried a few but not in any meaningful way.
    Lynn, I know what you mean. It’s a painful trek for us. But I always try to fit some other Beaverton errands in (or use Hakatomon as the second errand of the trip.)

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