Oh, but I have many things to bake! Today, though, I whipped up some raspberry junket.

It is a Danish dessert (yeah, it says so right on the box), and I had never had it before, having grown up strictly on Jell-O in terms of gelatinous desserts. Though the fruit flavor is pretty artificial, the texture of the Junket is great–it’s like a smooth, more pudding-like texture than Jell-O. There are some recipes on the box, including one for a Junket pie that involves whipped cream and cream cheese, and really, anything with whipped cream and cream cheese is worth a try.
In sad news, my supposedly reliable fully automatic espresso machine (the Jura Capresso E8) is acting up. It keeps prompting me to OPEN TAP and then refusing to make coffee. I am in a panic over this. The thing cost a small fortune, but more importantly, I don’t know if I can live without my crema. I NEED MY CREMA.

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  1. splatgirl says:

    Ohhhhhhh Junket! Yes, it’s all about the texture! I had a Polish boyfriend a long time ago who put me on to that stuff. I was like his dessert crack which, frankly, I took offense to. Well, that and my favorite quote of his “Polish people don’t like spicy food”. I think that was the end of the end for me and him.
    Anyway, I haven’t had Junket in AGES, but I am going to buy some immediately, because now you’ve made me want it and it’s yummy. Personally, I think the strawberry is much better.

  2. Petula says:

    I’ve never tried Junket (probably mostly due to the unappealing name), but now I’m curious.
    The espresso machine: do they have a troubleshooting section in the manual?

  3. sue says:

    There must be a thriving cottage industry of espresso machine repair geeks. Ask around at your local coffee spots to see who might be avialable. It’s most likely an electronics failure, so you want a good trouble-shooter, not a parts-replacer (someone who had no idea what the problem is, but keeps replacing parts till they find the right one. Costs a fortune.) You need someone with access to repair manuals.
    Good luck.
    I remember Mom making Junket when I was little, but I don’t recall a difference in texture. What do the ingredients list as being diff from Jello? Are there gums or something? Tapioca?

  4. amy k. says:

    Junket. that name is too good. and I have never heard of it. It’s sounds like slang for a bad cold “I got the Junket, man.”
    I am really hoping your machine is okay. really. keep me posted, you know how I feel about this.

  5. pam says:

    Ohhh I love Junket, but only Vanilla and Chocolate. We had it a lot growing up.

  6. Lydia says:

    Whoa! Your Jura is on the fritz? That’s awful! How frustrating, especially when you need your crema! You have my sympathy…

  7. Kathy says:

    I was going to comment on your crema in the previous post-it’s beautiful! Too bad about your machine!

  8. vespabelle says:

    Mariko, email me and I’ll pass along the number of friend who is a professional espresso machine repair guy. (I don’t know if he wants his name and number on the internet.)
    I have a recipe book for junket and it’s all about “recipes for shut-ins!” and “recipes for the infirm” and “recipes for the sick room!”

  9. VaxGirl says:

    Oh gosh I remember Junket from when I was little. It seemed to be all the rage in the 60’s. It was sort of a cross between jello and pudding, defintely some dairy. I also vaguely remember a similar dessert that separated into 3 layers, A foofy layer on top, medium dense in the middle and the most dense on the bottom. That’s not the Junket is it?

  10. claire says:

    wow. i never knew what junket was until now… the only mention i’ve ever heard of it was in a record i listed to as a kid. there was a story about a boy who thought his toy chicken was sick, and a bully who told him that if he didn’t give it Junket it would die. for some reason, even though i’ve never known what it was, it never occurred to me to try and find out?
    anyway, haha, thanks for clearing that up!

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