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matcha shiratama

We went to a little Japanese sweets cafe in the underground in Osaka somewhere and had this matcha shiratama. I don’t really know how to describe it. The matcha part is kind of gooey, sorta kinda like the thickness of … Continue reading

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sweetness goodness

Man, where have I been! It’s been crazy busy around here, and it seems like more and more of the house is falling into chaos. I keep telling myself it’s all part of the adventure! There’s some big stuff happening … Continue reading

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FOUND: One frozen yogurt photo

I found the missing frozen yogurt photo! I’m afraid it is not all that impressive, so this is rather anti-climactic, isn’t it? If you like the tart, sharp flavor of plain yogurt, then you would like this frozen yogurt. This … Continue reading

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Rice Ball Central

I am still on a rice ball kick, and I now have a tool that makes life much easier–a rice ball mold! A while back I experimented with the rice balls by brushing on a miso paste and broiling them … Continue reading

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caffeine: friend or foe?

Hey! Sorry for my long absence. I’ve been busy trying to catch up on orders, and to all of you customers out there waiting for your packages, thanks for being patient! We are working as quickly as we can, and … Continue reading

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perfect foods

The whole pink cookie thing got me thinking about perfect foods. To me, the pink cookie is pretty close to ideal, but Peter? He won’t even touch one. He is so grossed out by the pink cookie that he will … Continue reading

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cakes and more

We’re gearing up for a big superbuzzy update (there will probably be some stuff up on Friday), but I am still without my main computer. The good thing, though, is that my brother is “fixing” it for me. When we … Continue reading

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striking gold

For those of you living in the Portland area, hey! It’s Yukon Gold fries season at Burgerville! The Yukon Golds take the sting out of the removal of the sweet potato fries. Peter has gone on a low-sodium diet, which … Continue reading

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the matcha revolution continues!

And Trader Joe’s continues to dominate my universe! I haven’t tried it yet, so I can’t tell you how delicious it is. Maybe I’ll try it this afternoon. It’s all grey and rainy here, so getting all jacked up on … Continue reading

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hot dog!

Not much going on around here.

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