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we went

Should I be embarrassed to admit that the opening of the new Portland IKEA might be one of the highlights of my year? It’s so spacious! So bright! So colorful! Swedish meatballs! Sam was particularly excited about the french fries … Continue reading

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My mom made me fix the blog but is my sister even paying attention?

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This and That

– Beware of cheap printer toner cartridges. I purchased one from a place that will go unnamed, and I swear it destroyed my printer! The funny thing is I believe I have used non-brand name toner cartridges before and had … Continue reading

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first I had no stove

Now I have no kitchen. I just did the dishes in the bathtub. I’ll try to get a post up tomorrow!

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calf girdle

Since we moved to Portland, I have been all about knee-high socks. In fact, this winter I think I wore knee-high socks on a daily basis. They are so toasty and comfy! Back in high school (in Portland, too, so … Continue reading

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misc nonsense

Superbuzzy has been keeping me super busy, so I apologize for being so spotty in my posting. Yesterday I had this goal of getting the boxes of product out of the living room, but then the UPS guy showed up … Continue reading

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I want to thank all of you for your kindness and support. I am really overwhelmed! I had no idea there were so many of you out there, and I really appreciate all your heartfelt comments. My mother, brother, and … Continue reading

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tax day

Well, I have some pretty big news. My father died today. He would have been 91 years old on May 8. It’s rather morbid, but my brother, mother, and I have kind of joked about him dying for years, and … Continue reading

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he ain’t heavy

Dang but it’s crazy busy around here, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down much! But anyway, Thursday is my insane brother’s birthday. He is my older brother (well, only by 16 months), but most people nowadays … Continue reading

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skippin’ town

Clearly I need a better system! It just happened that UPS and USPS converged on me today, and I hadn’t caught up with some other boxes, either. Sigh. Anyway, all these boxes mean we’re going to have a pretty fun … Continue reading

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