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delicious enough brownies

For Christmas I received this great cookbook: Sticky, Chewy, Messy, Gooey. It is chock full of incredible desserts, each of which seems to require 4 sticks of butter! The first recipe I tried was Heart of Darkness Brownies. These decadent … Continue reading

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nope, not finished baking

I made these cookies several weeks ago for a cookie exchange. They were actually quite tasty and really pretty. I got the recipe from the San Francisco Chronicle. I can no longer locate the recipe on the site, but if … Continue reading

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get yer jar cakes here

Okay, so maybe you read about the jar cake obsession over at Amy’s. It’s like a whole new world of endless possibilities just opened up in front of us, and both of us kind of lost our minds over it. … Continue reading

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gingerbread house party

Some baking plans were foiled because of a busy weekend, but I did get to attend the pretty-much-annual gingerbread house-making party hosted by Mrs. H. Us “kids” used to make the houses, but we have been replaced by ACTUAL kids, … Continue reading

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more baking

Yup, more baking. I apologize for the following unappetizing photo: It may not look so hot, but it is dee-licious. It’s Gingerbread Pudding Cake, and it’s of the molten category. It is perfect scooped atop some vanilla ice cream. That … Continue reading

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I told you it was going to be all about baking this week! We had a little cookie-eating party here, and dang but if we didn’t have a bunch of delicious morsels! And this isn’t even all of them! We … Continue reading

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rice cookery

I think this is going to be a week of baking, and really, is there anything wrong with that? A while back I read about baking bread in a rice cooker. It sounded so weird that it intrigued me, and … Continue reading

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chocolate chip cookies

Every time I decide to shoot for more consistency in blogging, something comes up, and I fail. Of course, it’d probably help if I were actually making something these days. Anyway, I have managed to do a bit of baking. … Continue reading

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in case you don’t have enough to cook

I have been busy obsessing over the calibration of the oven temperature. It was running a little on the low side, so I adjusted it, and now it’s running too hot, and now I am about to lose my mind. … Continue reading

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apple festa

We finally made it down to the annual apple tasting festival at Portland Nursery this year. It is a very popular event, and we had to wait in line to get to the tasting tables. It was so worth the … Continue reading

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