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Goin’ bananas

When life gives you overly ripe bananas, make banana cake! Would you care for a slice? So I finally turned on my oven for the first time since the beginning of summer, and I survived. The banana cake recipe is … Continue reading

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body bag

I love shopping online, but sometimes it doesn’t give you quite enough detail about the items. Case in point: today I received my rolling cargo duffel from LL Bean. I looked at various rolling duffels online and decided that this … Continue reading

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homage to the super bloggers

I am constantly amazed by the boundless energy and productivity of the knitting bloggers whose sites I frequent. Some have jobs, some have children, all are busy, and yet they crank out knitted items like there’s no tomorrow! I mean, … Continue reading

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choco choco choco lotta love

Because I have no knitting news to report (I have about a dozen more rows to knit before I begin the shoulder shaping on the Becky Wannabe sweat-urr), I feel the need to talk more about chocolate. Could it be … Continue reading

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first day of school

Today was the first day of school for Peter’s district (he’s a high school English teacher). He came home unscathed. To celebrate, I prepared Chocolate Gelato, which was very thick and hard and pretty darn tasty. I also grilled some … Continue reading

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In honor of any visitors from Bonne Marie’s site, I’ll pretend I’m a good knitting blogger (and not the unfocused, random thoughts blogger that I truly am) and begin with a wee knitting update. I finished the stripe in the … Continue reading

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