first day of school

Today was the first day of school for Peter’s district (he’s a high school English teacher). He came home unscathed. To celebrate, I prepared Chocolate Gelato, which was very thick and hard and pretty darn tasty. I also grilled some pizzas on the bbq. The crust comes out wonderfully chewy on the bbq, but I still haven’t quite figured out how to get the toppings hot enough.
No knitting update, really, since I only knit a couple rows last night. I started falling asleep while knitting, so I decided I should just put it down. I picked up Cook’s Illustrated, which I had forgotten to read all the way through (!), and then I fell asleep! Oy vey, this old age …
Funny that Kerstin should mention L. A. Burdick, because I just received their catalog today. Let me tell you a little story–I spied L. A. Burdick the night we arrived in Boston/Cambridge. The very next morning, I went by there, but to my horror they were closed for remodeling for the ENTIRE DURATION of our vacation. How sad was I, and how much more sad am I now that I have the catalog and see all the wonderful goodies they have? Ahhh, well, at least I’ll get to go to Moonstruck Chocolates when I am in Portland.

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4 Responses to first day of school

  1. Katherine says:

    You always make me so hungry when you update!

  2. Fran says:

    When I make pizzas on the bbq I use burrito shells (2) for the crust. I have found the best way is to get the bbq really hot and then before you put the pizzas on turn it down to the lowest it can possibly go. Once the pizzas are on I try not to open the lid so that it acts more like an oven. This may help.

  3. jessica says:

    Mmmm… grilled pizza. how funny, I just walked by Burdick’s. It took everything I had to spend the day in there. 🙂

  4. Amy says:

    Yum … Moonstruck Chocolates is definitely on my “to-do” list next visit to Portland … be careful not to get sticky chocolate fingers on your yarn purchases 🙂

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