choco choco choco lotta love

Because I have no knitting news to report (I have about a dozen more rows to knit before I begin the shoulder shaping on the Becky Wannabe sweat-urr), I feel the need to talk more about chocolate. Could it be because I just read a wonderful article at the San Francisco Chronicle web site about a former NASA tech who started a gourmet chocolate business called Cabaret Chocolates? How cool is that?!?
One of my New Year’s resolutions was to try more types of gourmet chocolates (as if I need to put it down on paper). I think I’ve only had a few new kinds, though. In NYC we went to Richart Chocolates, which was super fancy and delicious, and then of course there’s the Recchiuti chocolate we just tried. Other kinds I like are Dolfin and Michel Cluizel. Both are available from Chocosphere (incidentally, my insane brother worked at Chocosphere over the holidays packing up boxes of chocolate for lucky people. Yes, Chocosphere is based in Portland). So what kinds of chocolate do you like?
Life is short, my friends, so go out there and eat some chocolate!!!

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  1. Terri says:

    Mmm, chocolate! I haven’t tried a lot of upscale chocolatiers, just Harden & Huyse, Bernard Callebaut, etc. But is there really and -bad- chocolate? I am more of a purist — deep dark chocolate bars or pieces. No need for truffly or creme fillings.

  2. Susan says:

    Hi Mariko! Another fan of your ChicKami! I adore the color you used! I started reading your blog when you were on vacation and am glad you are back. I am also a knitter/foodie! Must go dive into the chocolate stash now…

  3. timothy says:

    heya supper eggplant bloggers.
    my partner and i run cabaret chocolates that you mention above. (i’m the nasa guy.)
    we love our chocolates and bet you do too.
    we would love to offer anyone on your blog 20% on their first offer.
    for those who want to check it out, use the word “superegg” in the coupon field to receive your 20% off.
    few things go better with knitting that super premium chocolates.

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