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candy-colored clown

This attraction to all things orange and pink, as well as the pajama bottoms I sewed for my mother today, is making me wonder if perhaps I was a clown in a past life? Not much progress to report on … Continue reading

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not about sewing

Today was supposed to be all about sewing, but I ended up having to do some work instead. All was not lost, however, as I made a little field trip to Target and found these irresistible goodies: How cute are … Continue reading

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blue hair

Chunky yarn knits up quickly! I started this hat last night and finished tonight: It’s made with Gedifra Gigante, and I used size 15 (10 mm) needles! Kind of awkward to handle. Peter wanted to know if I was planning … Continue reading

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cake topping

I finished the orange cap I started the other day, but, um, it doesn’t really look like any of the hats in the Vogue Knitting! I was unable to get a normal angle on the hat as my photographer was … Continue reading

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oh, sugar sugar!

I went to an acupuncture/acupressure person today regarding my migraines. She did some sort of muscle testing thing and determined that yes, there’s something wrong with my head (heh heh), and that I have a sensitivity to sugar. She instructed … Continue reading

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suckered in

I like Bonne Marie’s bucket o’ chic, and I like furry eyelash yarn, so how could I NOT join Becky, Silvia, Claudia, Kerrie, and others in knitting up a winter bucket o’ chic? I decided to go with candy colors, … Continue reading

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misadventures of a misfit

I am back in California after my two-week sojourn in Portland, OR. I had a great time in Portland, but it is nice to be back home with the hub and the dog. The night before my departure, I got … Continue reading

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news, news, and more news

First off, I think most visitors know that my friend Megan was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She’s one of the toughest cookies I know, so she’s hanging in there (and she looks like a friendly alien with her bald … Continue reading

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knitting everywhere

Last night Mrs. H, Taya, and I went to the Stitch n Bitch book reading at Powell’s. It was quite fun. Debbie Stoller is very charming and funny, and she brought a bunch of samples from the book. Action Hero … Continue reading

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I went on a major field trip today with genius Mrs. H. She came at 8:45am, and we headed out to the Fabric Depot. Imagine if you will a building the size of a car sales showroom (or airplane hangar) … Continue reading

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