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I need my photographer

My photographer isn’t here, so I had to figure out the self-timer thing on my camera. It didn’t work very well. You’re lucky I’m not making you look at blurry photos of me waving my arms around. Anyway, I knit … Continue reading

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one more item to pack

I’ve been trying not to bring new things into the house, because it just means I have to pack them. There must be exceptions, though, right? As my friend Wendy says, rules are just guidelines. SO, in the spirit of … Continue reading

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berry tasty

I had a bag of frozen cherries/berries from Trader Joe’s, and I’ve been trying to clear out the fridge and freezer, so I decided to make a cobbler/crisp thing. I threw in a bunch of fruit, including the frozen berry … Continue reading

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one down, eight lives to go

Looks like little Miss Flo has found a new friend: Please meet “just a flesh wound” Jos

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deedle takes no prisoners

Today I was outside watering the plants for just a few minutes. JUST A FEW MINUTES. I was on the phone with my brother, and for some reason we were talking about the crocheted kitty. I told him Deedle had … Continue reading

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bachelorette style

I’m afraid I don’t have much blog fodder these days. It’s just work and thinking about packing (which means I haven’t really gotten much packing done. Oops). I did go grocery shopping today, and I got something I haven’t eaten … Continue reading

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