bangers and mash

I am going to have 7 extra goofing-off hours per week for 4 weeks this summer (see this), because Peter is going to England! For a month! I would like to say that I will use those extra hours for sewing or knitting, but truthfully I will probably just sleep more. But anyway, Peter is heading across the pond to study Chaucer with a group of geeks other teachers. He’ll be in London for 3 weeks then in Canterbury for a week. If anyone out there has any travel tips or interesting tidbits to share, please feel free. This will be his first trip to Europe!

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  1. cara says:

    I recommend the fish and chips in the newspaper cone.

  2. Betsy says:

    Visit the Churches and Cathedrals. The English of Old used to bury their dead under the stone floors.

  3. jan says:

    Look right (they will remind you of this when you’re there, but somehow old habits die hard). And just pretend the prices are in US Dollars. It’s less painful that way. But not by much.

  4. JustaRabbit says:

    I just moved to London two months ago! London is *big*, but made up of lots of little neighborhoods, so it doesn’t feel too big. is a useful website for finding reviews on places nearby. I like Shoreditch, but it’s very hit or miss or time of the week dependent. It often pays to book ahead for restaurants and shows, there are just so many people in London, things can fill up.
    And there’s a cute, wee town, on the trainline between Ashford and Canterbury, called Wye. I highly recommend stopping in, having a wander, having a pint, and hitting one of the walking paths, if you want to experience the english countryside.

  5. Samantha says:

    I’ll look around for a doc I typed up about London for a friend, I can def. recommend places to eat! Mmm, London. Will he bring me back David Tennant? (the current Doctor on Doctor Who… check him out) Dreamy.
    Speaking of dreamy, your comment yesterday cracked me up! Cusack is indeed swoon-worthy. He’s looking great too. 🙂
    Oh, and shame on you for printing that dump cake recipe! I REALLY want to make it.

  6. =Tamar says:

    Go to Hay-on-Wye, the used-book mecca. Go to Bath, another good place to shop. Get the long-term railroad pass for the London Underground (and maybe overground if he can get one?), it’ll save him a bundle over 3 weeks. See the Tower of London. See Stonehenge (a day trip). Pack less clothing and more money. Restaurants close between meals. Buy food at the store to save on restaurants. Beware of pickpockets! Use inside pockets. If he is in a hotel for the week, put the passport in the hotel safe, don’t carry it. Have photocopy of all important papers stashed, separately from the real ones. Bring a separate wallet and change-purse to carry the UK money separately. Order Amex traveler’s cheques in Pounds Sterling before he leaves and get them changed into cash at an AmEx place once he’s there; trust me on this one, he’ll save a bundle in service charges; also get a tiny pack of pounds for use immediately off the plane. Some credit cards will work with ATMs during the day but not at night, but watch out for number theft. Keep meticulous records of spending. Mail stuff back but pack it securely yourself. Take pictures.
    Have a wonderful time.

  7. amy in az says:

    Tell Mr. Peter to “mind the gap” if he is riding the tube (subway)– When we were in England, Mr. Mark (6’5″ tall) kept hitting his head in the subway car– so tell Mr. P to duck.

  8. ann says:

    check out David’s blog on his trip to London & Paris:

  9. ellen says:

    If he plans to take any electrics remember that although the dual voltage ones may work there they will NOT without a separately sold plug adaptor.

  10. Marg says:

    If Peter only has a week in London, he might not have a lot of time to visit places outside the city. If he’s interested in the history of London and seeing London from a different perspective, a cruise on the Thames from Westminster to Greenwich is ab fab. The Globe is definitely worth a visit — their restaurant is good and has a beautiful view of the river and there are few things in life that can compare to climbing up to the very top of St. Paul’s Cathedral.

  11. Kate says:

    Good advice from Tamar, especially about the money. I always have some local currency with me, so I don’t get stuck with airport exchange rates or long lines at atms. You can buy a bus pass, and although I love the tube, a bus gives you views of the city. You can get a pass easily, even from sidewalk newsvendors, but you need to take a passport size picture with you–it gets laminated to the pass. And definitely buy food at supermarkets, and even places like Marks & Spencers and Boots–great sandwiches, etc. Do be sure to go to a fish restaurant, though. Try the North Sea Fish Bar near the British Museum–small, but perfect. Even if you’re not religious, I recommend going to an Evensong service–St. Martin in the Fields, at Trafalgar Sq. is wonderful-singing, pagentry, and a nice sit-down. The National Gallery, also on Trafalgar Sq. is free!, and fantastic. Wish I was going. Also, be careful, but not paranoid–if you look like you belong there (including decent clothes) you’ll be fine. Kate.

  12. jessica says:

    Take a mastercard. We found not many places took visa.

  13. Susan says:

    My parents are in England now!
    In Seattle now, the weather’s great today! It’s cold (to me) but the sun finally came out!

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