battle of the multipens

I have Japanese pens coming out my ears, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to resist buying a couple during my recent trip to Japan. In order to narrow down the selection and try to keep my head from exploding, I offered to bring some pens back for the Pen Addict, knowing he’d be up on the latest and greatest. He did not disappoint!
multipens samples_1024x682.jpg
So what do we have here? Well, for a baseline, I included the Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto, since I believe it can do no wrong. The other contenders are the Uni Style Fit and the Pentel Sliccies. Let’s see how they did!
First up we have the 3-color Uni Style Fit in .38mm. Now, I am a big fan of Uni writing implements. Their Jetstream Sport ballpoint pens have completely changed my life and my opinion of ballpoint pens. Also, isn’t the Style Fit purty? It looks kind of fancy without being pretentious. And, the cool thing is you can select gel ink, ballpoint ink, and pencil lead refills in various sizes. Sadly, the Style Fit was my least favorite of the multipens. Though it looks great, it just didn’t feel particularly sturdy in my hand. The way the refills are inserted into the pen casing and the click mechanism seem too delicate. It does write smoothly, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it broke easily. Another issue is you can’t quickly tell which color corresponds with which clicker dealie (what are those called? Cartridge propulsion lever? Anyway … )
And here’s the 3-color Pentel Sliccies in .4mm. Now, it’s been my experience that there are Pentel Slicci people and Pilot Hi-Tec-C people. I put myself in the latter camp. I have one Pentel Slicci pen, and I like it, but I don’t adore it like I do the Hi-Tec-C pens. I think it has to do with the pen tips (more on that in a bit). However, I found myself really liking the Pentel Sliccies multipen. I had some initial problems with proper installation of the ink cartridges, but once I got that down the pen worked fine. The tips are very sturdy, so the pen feels much more substantial than the Uni Style Fit. It’s also easier to identify the colors, but it’s NOT as easy as the Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto.
Hmm, Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto. I guess I didn’t take a photo. For my review and a photo, go here. Basically, the refills are a breeze to insert, and it’s actually fun to put them in. What’s clever is the refill also acts as the clicker thing, so it’s super easy to tell which color is available. The tips are super fine, but I love the way the ink flows, and the tips don’t feel too dainty to me.
multipens tips_1024x682.jpg
So here’s a closeup of the tips. You can see how much sturdier the tips of the Sliccies are in comparison to the others (or maybe you can’t tell. I guess you’ll just have to trust me). So as usual, it all comes down to personal preference! Why not give them all a try? You can get the Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto and the Pentel Sliccies at JetPens. The Uni Style Fit is not yet available in the US as far as I can tell, but I doubt JetPens is very far behind!

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7 Responses to battle of the multipens

  1. MicheleLB says:

    Soooo, in which shop did you find those lovely pens? Sweet!

  2. Freecia says:

    I’m a coleto fan, too. I think Pilot also has some nice metal Hi-tech C pens if you want a heftier pen.
    Pilot makes some great pens!

  3. Seanna Lea says:

    Oooh, I need to try the really fine tipped pens. My hand writing is considered tiny by a number of people I know, so I’m always looking for really nice fine tip pens to make my writing more legible.

  4. Erin says:

    Thank you for the fine-tipped gel pen reviews. I have been wanting to try one of them and this gives me the information I was needing.

  5. amy says:

    i have finally succumbed to the allure of jetpens, resistance is futile. i went with the sliccies over the hi-tec-c because most cartridges on the latter are out of stock.
    *sigh* my husband is going to wonder why our pen collection is exploding again. then he’ll steal them. ;]

  6. Alison says:

    Ok, I just got my pilot hi-tech coleto (I bought 2!) from jetpens! You are such a bad/good influence on me – this pen is the best! I really needed a good multipen for school. I also bought some erasable highlighters and they are SO great.
    Pens Forever!

  7. Annhb says:

    Mariko! I wish I had seen this post while in Japan! You would have laughed at me in the Tokyo Department Store basement and on the pen floor at Tokyo Hands! I would just stand there staring, unable to process such endless choice! I did pick out a tiny Pilot Putimo with a little leash to tie to my moleskine – it glides. Okadaya was my first stop (after fortification at French bakery). Mariko, we had the best time.

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