Pentel multipencil

Pentel multipencil, originally uploaded by super eggplant.

Recently I was thinking that it’d be really great if I had a multipencil. That way I could have colored lead for marking and highlighting in addition to good ol’ regular lead for writing. Well, dreams can come true! I just had to jet over to JetPens and voila! The Pentel Function 357 multipencil!

The cool thing about this multipencil is it accommodates three different lead sizes: .3mm, .5mm, and .7mm. I like writing with a sharp lead, so I use the .3mm slot for regular lead. For the other slots I have colored lead. Colored lead seems to be a little softer than regular pencil lead, so it’s not as satisfying to write text with it, but who cares! It’s fun!

Oh, I took the photo using the camerabag iPhone app. I’m kind of going crazy with all the camera apps. The Kittycamera (the Hello Kitty one) is truly wonderful.

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8 Responses to Pentel multipencil

  1. amy in az says:

    Ah Mariko, I love your pencil/pen reviews.:) And your San-x Ms.Green Tea notepaper rocks too!!! You have inspired me to acquire some more office supplies.

  2. Seanna Lea says:

    Yeah pencils!
    I never got into all of the colored pencils for marking, but I used to have a couple different colored pens I’d use for notes. Yeah pens and pencils!

  3. freecia says:

    I find colored leads to be less satisfactory. They break more and the pigmentation doesn’t produce a vibrant and contrasting color…
    Still fun but coleto oh coleto, I love you.

  4. alma says:

    Call it pen zeitgeist… I saw your post and then a day or so later was in a colleague’s office and had to borrow one of her pens, a Pentel RSVP, and was reminded how nice they are… And then couldn’t find them for sale anywhere in town (a pretty good sized town in the DC area) and had to ORDER them from Amazon. Why oh why is the majority of America forced to make do with Bic and Papermate? Does any big chain sell Pentel?

  5. Grace says:

    Staples sells Pentel RSVP’s. I have a bunch from a free after rebate promotion they did a while ago.

  6. I wish I had more excuses to buy these awesome pens and pencils. sniff sniff. I hear you saying, “Who needs excuses?!” (The Salba is going pretty good by the way, not bad not bad – though I’ve only had it in smoothies so far. hee)

  7. Robin says:

    This post made me go right to my iphone and download both camberbag and Hello Kitty. Can’t stop playing with these apps.

  8. Robin says:

    Oops, I meant to type camerabag not camberbag.

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