Compost Cookies

I saw these Momofuku Milk Bar Compost Cookies online somewhere, and seriously, any cookie that contains chocolate chunks as well as salty snack foods is a winner in my book. I can’t seem to locate where I originally found the recipe, but you can find the recipe along with detailed instructions (and funny commentary) on the Amateur Gourmet’s site here.
The fun thing about these cookies is you throw in a cup and a half of cookie add-ins, like chocolate chips, rice krispies, what have you. I went with some rice krispies, some chocolate chips, four individual Reese’s peanut butter cups, and a Snickers bar. I think next time I would increase the Snicker component as well as the chocolate chips. The recipe also calls for a cup and a half of snack foods, as in chips and pretzels and such. Here’s what I went with:
I had hoped to use Ruffles, but they didn’t have any plain Ruffles at the 7-11 I went to. I was also going to include Combos, because, you know, Combos are so awesome, but I wasn’t crazy about the selection. Next time? Ruffles and maybe goldfish.
I think the butter I used was not very fresh. My cookies came out really flat (my cookies have been doing that lately, even with fresh baking powder and soda and such). The cookies are still tasty and chewy, but not, in my opinion, death-defyingly delicious like the New York Times chocolate chip cookies (which we have renamed the M.F. Cookies, and I will let you guess what those initials stand for). I will still make them again, though, because I believe there is room enough in this universe for unlimited cookie recipes.

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15 Responses to Compost Cookies

  1. JR says:

    OH my god if you get combo’s in a cookie I’m getting on the 5 and driving down.
    Oh maybe I should talk Jen into baking these.

  2. justarabbit says:

    Maybe the flat cookie thing is happening at the “cream butter and sugar” step? I actually like flat cookies, but was having mine come out all puffy. I’ve now ceased doing a good job of creaming the butter and sugar (can take 5 minutes) and I’ll melt the butter first. Now I get cookies just like I used to make as a kid 🙂
    You’ll have to let us know if you solve your flat cookie mystery.

  3. carolyn says:

    why so flat, my n.? is there too much humidity in your kitchen? not enough?
    i just KNEW JR would have beat me to commenting on this one!!! combos in a cookie?!?!?!
    p.s. can you link to the MF cookies again? i need to make both these recipes.

  4. Grace says:

    Oooh. Intriguing! I love the MF Cookies (we call them the salty cookies) and the people I vacation with DEMAND that I make them–I tried them because I read in your blog that you tried it and loved it! So thanks for sharing these…must try them, too! Do you think rolos would be too sweet?

  5. Shelly Kang says:

    Make sure your butter isn’t too soft when you cream it with the sugar. That should help keep them lofty.
    I’m not sure I’d like that particular recipe – I’m more of a traditional Tollhouse girl, but I know a lot of people who probably would like it.

  6. Melissa says:

    Those were good, thanks! I like how chewy they turned out.

  7. Seanna Lea says:

    I love my junk food and I think these could be pretty good with Fritos and rolos and chocolate chips. I wouldn’t say I’m a purist, but I would probably use no more than 2 sweet add-ins and 2 salty add-ins, because it would be easier to decide what was and was not working that way.

  8. Lydia says:

    Yikes, those sound scary. With all that in those cookies, I’d called them trash cookies, but I guess composting is more relevant. And yet, they sound strangely enticing…kind of like a moth to a flame.

  9. splatgirl says:

    Those look yummy, and I have totally been trying to find time+excuse to make both them and the Momofuku crack pie. I first saw both recipes in the New York Times.
    Anyway, I am known in five states for my big fat cookies, and while creaming very well is important, the real secret is flour. Flat is because of not enough flour. Try increasing it by 1/4c. up to 1/2c.

  10. sara says:

    Yeah, I made these cookies a few weeks ago and made another batch last night. Seriously, I’m hooked on these things.

  11. Laurie says:

    Last Christmas I made a fudge that called for Fritos in the fudge. I had to try it. They were really good, but they got stale in just a week. Maybe I need to ziploc them right away but the savory snack has a different shelf life than the sweet stuff.

  12. ellen says:

    In my experience, if you use half butter and half shortening (crisco or the like) you will never get a flat cookie. Thanks for the recipe – I will be making them tomorrow!

  13. wine blog says:

    I’ve heard of these type of cookies but have never tried them. Looks like a fun recipe though, my kiddos would probably love them. Cheers~

  14. Those were good, thanks! I like how chewy they turned out.

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