chocolate cobbler

Oh, heyyyyy, what’s going on? I finished up my patternmaking classes, but I am hoping to continue with my education, since I really need it. I am starting a swimwear class this week, but don’t worry, I will not be showing photos of me modeling swimwear. I figure that forcing you to view photos of my running tights is bad enough.
So anyway, it’s always a thrill when I find a delicious yet super simple recipe. I especially love it if I don’t have to leave the house to purchase additional ingredients. The recipe for this chocolate cobbler happens to be one of those recipes. It uses basic ingredients like sugar and butter and cocoa powder. So easy and quick that you can whip it up at the last minute, which is what I did. Unfortunately, I did not have ice cream with which to serve it. That would be delicious. I also think freshly whipped cream would make an excellent accompaniment.
The recipe is here. I honestly don’t really know where it came from. I think I found the link on some site, and it led me to this Tasty Kitchen site, but then the recipe is another link from there.

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6 Responses to chocolate cobbler

  1. Raquel says:

    Love this recipe! I’ve made it twice now and the 2nd time, I used hot coffee instead of water. It was even better.

  2. suzy says:

    That looks great. I’m a big fan of pantry cooking too, I’ll try this recipe out.

  3. Seanna Lea says:

    Ah, Pioneer Woman. I haven’t made any of the items from her site yet, because I have a ridiculous affinity for Smitten Kitchen, but her photos are excellent.

  4. carolyn says:

    wow, even I have all those ingredients! yipee chocolate cobbler coming up!
    p.s. i sooooo wish we lived in the same city so i can take patternmaking classes with you and you could give me opinions on the muslin i made this weekend of which i hope to make a real dress this next weekend.

  5. julie says:

    Oh, that looks delicious.
    I am not good enough to take any patternmaking lessons yet, I follow patterns with more or less success 🙂

  6. Lydia says:

    I might have to make that for my birthday next month; that’s gotta be a “keeper”.

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