Amazingly, I got some sewing done over the weekend. Yeah, it’s a sweatshirt, but it’s winter, and I am always cold. I always have to have on several layers, and when I go outdoors, I need the technical gear, like Goretex or down. I have to face the elements, people, and I need equipment! So anyway, a while back I got this sweatshirt pattern from Rick Rack, a great little fabric store in Japan that seems to specialize in awesome knits. I got some fleece-lined high-tech sweatshirty fabric from Rose City Textiles, and there you have it. This came together very easily in an afternoon. It’s super comfy and WARM, and I really love it. Peter thinks it looks an article of clothing from a spaceship (I think what he is trying to say is it looks like a Star Trek uniform).

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10 Responses to Sweatshirty

  1. Lisa says:

    Live long and prosper.

  2. Alma says:

    That looks super and what’s wrong with a Star Trek uniform anyway? It’s fashion forward.

  3. amy k. says:

    several things i love about this—your awesome smile, the rad sweatshirt (the buttons!) and your nail polish. this makes me very happy.

    and it’s a little starfleet, but in the best way.

  4. melissa f. says:

    i love it. it really was that easy? that pattern is stellar.

  5. Melissa says:

    So cute! That’s a great pattern.

  6. Ondie says:

    Super cute. Peter does not know what’s up.

  7. Seanna Lea says:

    If all sweatshirts looked like that, then I would like wearing them. My sweatshirts are worn because they are warm, but they always make me feel dowdy.

  8. Wow that’s cool! Or warm, rather. 😉 Very nice. I like the button details.

  9. megan says:

    Buttons in space?? I don’t think so. Super cute and practical, I love it!

  10. wow!! way to rock the finger nails……

    colder than a somnabitch here…. i am all about layers….cool sweatshirt….

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