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You know how sometimes something seems like a good idea, then later you wonder, what was I thinking? Well, these stretch pants are kind of like that. You see, I have this pair of Patagonia elastic-waistband, stretchy rain pants that I love, and then I saw Yoshimi’s stretch pants, so I thought, cool! I am making those pants! The thing is, everything looks good on cute Yoshimi and her long legs, so it is not a good gauge, especially not for those with short, big legs.

But anyway, the pattern is Black Spinel from Tamanegi-Kobo. Let me reiterate once more how much I love (and therefore you should, too) Tamanegi-Kobo. It’s a Japanese company, but the English-language instructions for how to purchase the PDF patterns are very straightforward. The sewing instructions are in Japanese, but there are diagrams so you can figure out what to do. Several of the patterns, including my favorite T-shirt Fujiko, now come with English-language instructions! For realz!!

Okay, so I got some stretch twill from Denver Fabrics. For the waist I used the size 38 then expanded to a size 40 for the legs. You’ll notice that the knee has darts. I had to shorten the quad section so the knee darts would actually be pointing toward my knee, and I also shortened the lower leg piece but several inches (I have short legs!). I also widened the front leg pattern pieces by 1/2″ (I cut the pattern in half and added a strip of paper) to accommodate my big legs. Everything came together pretty well.

So, the pants are quite comfy (stretch twill is awesome! Why didn’t I know this before?), but I think they are a little big in the waist and butt, and this, in combo with the elastic waistband, makes them look like diaper pants. I can wear tunics with the stretch pants, though, so there you go.

Peter’s comments: first, when I walked into the room wearing them, he laughed. Pretty hard. Then he made some remarks about “you look like you should be on stage” followed by comments about “Elizabethan costumes” and such.

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12 Responses to stretch pants

  1. monica says:

    You are so awesome for tackling pants. And Peter’s comments are so non-supportive but really funny. 🙂

  2. Seanna Lea says:

    They look pretty good. I never would have thought of you as having big legs, but I guess compared to the skinny straightness of some non-runner legs I’ve seen. They look awesome on you regardless of the waistline being loose.

  3. Lulu says:

    Dude. Pants are awesome, Elizabethan tho they be. Better to have muscles than not! And I think you’re the bomb in the combo of tunic and stretch.

  4. freecia says:

    Those look comfy! If it were an Elizabethan costume, wouldn’t it be worn by a man?

    I’ve always wondered why pockets should go on the underside of the butt. Fancy jeans do it, too, I just haven’t figured the logical reason for it.

  5. amy k. says:

    oh peter. but then YOU said “diaper pants” so that’s pretty harsh, too. I spit out my water when I read this post.

    so these look amazing! your tiny booty does look a little lost in there, and I know I am lazy, but that fabric is so cool I’d be tempted to just sew super easy no-fancy-darts leggings with it, would that work?

  6. splatgirl says:

    Don’t make me get on here and show you what big legs really are. I’d probably need to add a whole SHEET of paper.

    The pants are pretty great! Have you made a pants sloper? I really like the pockets and where they’re placed, but the yoke and waistband do need a tweak unless you only ever wear them with long tops. I agree about the awesomeness of stretch twill. Except it makes me look like a sausage. On you it is fabulous.

  7. Laura Woods says:

    I just wanted to point out that even though Yoshimi may have thinner legs than your runner legs – she is also wearing heels in her photograph and standing in a more flattering pose. Heels tend to elongate so I bet you could pull off that look if you want it. (yes I agree they are a bit baggy in the tush and waist but still – I am so impressed that you made those pants at all! )

  8. megan says:

    cute pants! i love it when you wear things that fit your cute little figure…we have to go shopping and find you some buns though 🙂

  9. my blog post was wonky so i had to delete it, along with your comment, but i saw it and i appreciate it!! thank you…..

    pants. you made pants.

  10. susan says:

    Elizabethan? Wow, I’m totally afraid of letting Peter ever see me now, haha. Elizabethan is the least of my worries.

    Those pants look pretty good though! I’m impressed! I saw hers and thought wow, they look so hard!

  11. Thea says:

    The pants look great, especially with the tunic! Thanks for the info about (plus inspiration for) making pants. I might have to tackle pants someday.

  12. Carrie says:

    Love your stretch pants!!! I always wanted to make a pair but never knew where to get the stretch jeans material – thanks for the information!

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