French-sleeved blouse

French-sleeved blouse, originally uploaded by super eggplant.

When I first heard that my friend Chico Hayasaki was going to be doing a fabric line for Kei Fabric, I was very excited. Not only is Chico one of the nicest people in the world, but she is also talented. And Kei? Have you ever touched any Kei Fabric? Yummy stuff.

So I’d been waiting and waiting for her fabric to come out, and finally it did, then Chico offered to send me a piece! Wheee! Not only did she send me a piece but she sent a huge stack! I was overwhelmed and then immobilized by my overwhelmedness. Ha. Then Action Hero Melissa came to the rescue by making this French-sleeved blouse from Machiko Kayaki’s My Favorite Shirt book. It looked so much cuter than I had imagined it would, so I copied her. Heh.

Anyway, it is finally hot enough in Portland that I can actually wear this blouse. The fabric is cotton but feels like buttah. The pattern was very straightforward and came together quickly. The only alteration I made was to eliminate the bust dart, since bust darts are unnecessary in my world.

Please take a look at Chico’s fabric line here. I can’t wait to make another item with it. I already have an idea, so maybe I won’t have to wait for Melissa to make something else.

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11 Responses to French-sleeved blouse

  1. silvia says:

    Seriously cute blouse and fabric! You do indeed have lady shapes, so bust darts aren’t crazy talk, but it does look fab as is. I’ve now offically begun wanting that book and will have to go to Kinokuniya and it’s all you and Melissa’s fault.

  2. yumeko says:

    gorgeous! i am DEFINETELY going to hoard some yummy fabric
    thank YOU!

  3. Seanna Lea says:

    That is super cute, and looks like it wouldn’t even be that hard with the bust darts (which I definitely need).

  4. amy k. says:

    this turned out super sharp. I’m gonna come over to check out the fabrics, pronto.

  5. Anna Conway says:

    Love that blouse and love the fabric!!!

  6. Lulu says:

    Dear American Beauty,

    You look hot in that french sleeve blouse. No, seriously!

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  8. Jennifer says:

    I love this line and really want to use it for my family pictures in October. Do you have any idea of where I can buy it?

  9. audreygab says:

    Looks very cute! I want to eliminate bust darts too as they disturb the print. But am doubtful how to proceed. Would you explain it to me? Thank you.

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