Thar she is

Here she is in all her glory:
solo aft.jpg
So Peter went out sailing today and had a wonderful time. I’ll have to get out there soon. This boat is supposed to be more stable than the last one, so maybe I won’t hurl.
I realized that this site is mostly supposed to be about knitting and sewing and other crafty pursuits, but I haven’t discussed those subjects very much. Oh well, it’s not like the 2 of you out there looking at this really care, right?
Barking dogs–we are dogsitting for a few days, and it is very odd to have a normal, big, barking dog. It made us realize how psycho our little dog is.

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2 Responses to Thar she is

  1. Hey, it floats ! So are you planning on making the next trip to Japan in it? That will be an adventure.
    Any time you want more barking dogs, let me know. I’ll loan you one. We got one that wears one of those anti-bark collars. It does not faze him a bit.

  2. Oji's Humanoid says:

    Hey, we have one of those bark collars, too. It works pretty well despite our pug’s stubborn streak. These days when I want him to stop his crazy barking I just say, “Hey, do you want the
    COLLAR?” Shuts him up right away.
    The boat looks great!

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