I feel so dirty

I am now part of the problem! cellphone.jpg
This is no longer a cellphone-free environment. Sigh. We’re on the Verizon “free up” prepaid call plan which we signed up for at Radio Shack. I rather like our local Radio Shack. It is very messy, and the guys who work there are kind of squishy and usually have food stains on their rumpled shirts. Anyway, back to the phone. I thought it would be convenient for when we go on vacation. This way we can keep in touch with the folks and keep tabs on Deedle the dog. Peter is all hot to take the phone on his boat. I suppose it will come in handy, but I still don’t like it. If I ever talk on that thing while driving, I hope someone will throw tomatoes at me.
There are two hot dogs hot dogs.jpg
passed out on my floor right now. It’s in the 100s. It’s tough to get inspired to knit when it is so blazing hot. Of course, I can’t really complain, since we have air conditioning.

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