Fun with Gofun

My friend Chico, the amazing artist and fabric designer, is also a highly skilled gift giver. When I saw her recently in Tokyo she gave me this very cool Japanese nail polish by Ueba Esou, a Kyoto manufacturer of paints and natural nail polish made from sea shells.

Gofun Nail Polish is all natural and thus not toxic at all. It comes in some very cool and Japanesey colors. I got this fun tomato red color, but of course I want the entire collection now! The polish is pretty thin but highly pigmented, so it went on very smoothly. I sprinkled some glitter on the pinky (nail glitters seem to be very popular in Japan). I love Gofun Nail Polish! Thanks, Chico!

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4 Responses to Fun with Gofun

  1. Nice! But I especially like the sparkly…

  2. Jan says:

    The polish is a great color and the bottle’s pretty neat, too! I think gofun is ground oyster shells. There’s a style of antique Japanese doll (the pudgy babies) that are made with a gofun ‘veneer’ which gives the faces an almost flawless look. Did it go on more smoothly than a regular polish?

  3. yumeko says:

    i havent tried this before.
    though i dont paint my nails anymore [i get gel nails done as i need it to last a month, no time to paint my nails every two weeks] i am curious abt this

    will look it up
    thank you xx

    p.s if u need help getting the rest, u know where to find me xx

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