give me liberty

Here’s a question for you–how are some women able to wear these gathered, loose-fitting, tunic-y tops and not look maternity? I am attracted to these gathered shirts, but I don’t think Clinton and Stacy would approve. Regardless, let’s focus on the positive, one of which is that this is Hello Kitty Liberty of London fabric, and it is lovely! I made this top from one yard of fabric! I used a pattern from a great Japanese mook called I Love Liberty Print (ISBN 978-4-408-63261-2). The pattern was even more billowy and maternity than it is here. I had to bring it way in! It is really comfortable and perfect for hot days. I just need to kind of hold in the sides so I don’t look pregnant.

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  1. yumeko says:

    super cute! i cant bear to sew anything out of my liberty material yet XD

  2. Seanna Lea says:

    It doesn’t look maternity to me, but obviously if you are holding it in a bit at the sides that might be why. It looks cute on you, so I don’t think it matters if it is a little maternity in its measurements.

  3. kimchicrafts says:

    omg HELLO KITTY LIBERTY Fabric??? that is amazingly cute. and it loooks fab on you–no maternity vibes at all. 🙂

  4. Heidi says:

    Maybe it’s just a matter of getting over your perception. You’ve got a slim figure, and that style is kind of in right now, so you can definitely wear it without people immediately assuming “maternity” I think. It’s so cute!

    I got some Hello Kitty stationery with that print on it for my kid at the actual Liberty store this summer. And fabric for me of course 🙂

  5. Becky says:

    It’s very cute, and it does not look maternity-like. It looks cool, comfortable, and casual. I think it’s your perception? If you are like me, and you wear a lot of activewear that is form fitting, that may be the reason. Enjoy the looseness!

  6. You took the pattern in perfectly for you because it doesn’t look maternity-esque to me. I know what you’re saying though. I love billowy tops, too, and they are tricky to wear sometimes. Love the fabric. Great job!

  7. yarnydays says:

    This is a gorgeous top. And in my DD’s fav color–purple!

  8. i can not.
    i am amazon woman.
    you darling, look fabulous!!!!

  9. Mickey says:

    Really nice shirt. Does not look like maternity wear to me but you could use a soft cord to belt it if it bothers you

  10. Susan says:

    omg, I’ve been wanting some of the Hello Kitty Liberty fabric but I’m afraid I’ll mess it up when I sew with it!

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