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For years now I have been in search of a good, basic, button-down shirt pattern. I even worked rather tirelessly on a custom pattern in a sewing class only to discover I didn’t like the way it fit. So, I am trying again! This time I used a blouse pattern from an old Pochee magazine. I made it as is, but it was too big. I added some darts in the back and took in the sides a little bit. I added front waist darts, but they looked ridiculous, so I removed them. I am mostly happy with the pattern but think I still need to modify it. It has armhole darts, which are supposed to add a little something-something to the boobally challenged, but they do nothing but add weird creases in the fabric, which you can see. So, I think I want to eliminate those darts and have the front be all flat, like my chest. Har har.

So, the fabric! I have a nice stash of the beautiful fabrics by my friend (and amazing designer) Chico Hayasaki, so I used one of those. The fabric is by Kei and is amazing. I don’t know why everyone doesn’t make cotton like this. It is buttery and soft yet crisp at the same time. It is magic!

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5 Responses to Blouse!

  1. arawa says:

    Boobally challenged! Writing that down.

  2. I have been sewing for a long time and decided many years ago to just get rid of darts. This blouse you made has almost a 60’s flair to it and the fabric is wonderful. I don’t know whose bust would work for a dart that is near the sleeve, it feels like it is drawing the eyes downward… who needs that…..Thinking about it I don’t know anyone who fills out a dart nicely….If they are smaller busted there is a void…if they are big busted it looks like the dart is ready to burst…and rarely is the dart lined up to wear it is supposed to be. ….So I say eliminate them….hahah

  3. Seanna Lea says:

    The blouse looks pretty good, though I can see how the things you would like to change would help. I like darts. The sewing class I took last year included making a muslin of the bust, so all of the people in class properly filled out the bodice and didn’t look like either the darts were too full or too empty when worn.

  4. Alice says:

    I love all fabric by her!!!

  5. Aubry Z says:

    Oh it turned out great! The shoulders and arms are absolutely perfect! Great job!

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