knitting organization 101

I decided I needed to organize my knitting information! Up to now, I would usually complete a project then stuff the leftover yarn into a Rubbermaid and shove the pattern onto the bookshelf. The gauge I would scribble onto the pattern, but I usually neglected to note the size of the needles, the type of yarn, how much yarn the pattern required, etc. If only I had been more organized, I could have picked up some leftover yarn and zipped out another project without re-swatching!
This is the beginning of my new knitting organizer:
knitting organizing.jpg
It’s not the perfect system yet, but hopefully I’ll stick with it and have something useful!

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  1. ojiknits says:

    Your organizer looks good. Great idea!

  2. ojiknits says:

    Your organizer looks good. Great idea!

  3. Anonymous says:


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