there is no excuse for poor design

Why can’t everything be cute? Is it really so difficult to make cute everyday items? Why are garbage cans and dish drainers and other utilitarian items usually so ugly? It’s just not fun! But this is why I get very excited when I do see cute things in places like Target. Check out these great CD-Rs by TDK that are sold at Target!
tdk cdrs.jpg
I think it’s a good sign! Maybe there will be more cool CD-Rs. Last year, on our trip to Japan, I found these super cool CD-Rs in Fukuoka: japan cdrs.jpg
I would have bought more, but we had to lug all our purchases back to my aunt’s on the train, so I had to control myself. I didn’t see others like these anywhere else in Japan (but I wasn’t frequenting electronics shops). I’m scared to use them because they are too nice.

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  1. mariko says:

    Haha you sound just like me. Those CDRs look cool.

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