attack of the eggplant

My petite aubergine is not feeling very super.
nasubi attack.jpg
Something ATE THE TOP OFF OF IT. You probably can’t see where the stalks were severed, but geez, the thing was struggling to survive as it was. No Japanese eggplant for me this summer.
Am I the only idiot unable to figure out this reverse short row shaping method in knitting? I am trying to make socks using the toe-up method, and I swear I must have restarted about a dozen times. I think I finally figured it out, but one of the toes looks a little funky. Just goes to show you that just because you’ve been knitting a long time doesn’t mean you’re actually any good (which is why I wisely quite taking piano lessons at around age 16. I think I started at age 5, and I never improved).
I LOVE DAVID BYRNE. Just had to add that.

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