sitting on the boat

Today we went and sat on the boat. We didn’t go sailing because a) Peter forgot the jib at home, b) I get seasick, and just sitting on the boat in the water was enough of a challenge for one day, and most importantly, c) it was blowing 25 knots out past the breakwater. So, we ate sandwiches and CheezIts in a tasty new Cheddar/Jack combo flavor and sat on the boat. It was pretty warm, and I probably should have put sunscreen on my legs. Here’s Peter:
peter boat.jpg
Afterwards we went to Michael’s so I could get some more Lion Brand Cotton-Ease yarn. We went to the Dollar Tree next door, and I got some tangy, wild berry-flavored Dots, but they were quite disappointing, and I threw them away. Weird flavors, weird texture.
And now I am very, very sleepy, but I have to study for my French lesson tomorrow. Mon dieu.

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  1. Janice says:

    Mariko! LOVE Peter’s hat. I need to get one like that–I’m getting afraid, very afraid, of the sun.
    Hey, but the reason I’m emailing is because we LOVE CheezIts! I’ll have to look for that new flavor.

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