this is your brain on turbo tax

Saturday the entire day was spent pulling weeds, shoveling dirt, and moving rocks from one pile to another. The tips of my fingers became so sore that it hurt to type.
Sunday I spent the entire day trying to do our taxes with Turbo Tax. I messed up a couple of times and had to START OVER. This took ALL day, and I still have to do our state taxes.
I also accidentally went to the bead store again. At least I got a one-on-one tutorial on how to make daisy chains. Now if I could only find the time to practice …
Hope everyone had a good weekend!

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10 Responses to this is your brain on turbo tax

  1. Ann says:

    Wow! How productive were you?? Not that you’re not normally. Hmm, maybe it’s just that I’m feeling guilty about not having done our taxes yet 😉

  2. Charleen says:

    Accidentally! Ha, I like your reasoning 🙂

  3. Em says:

    I know what you’re talking about with having to start over, but I still love Turbo Tax. I love being able to figure out whether I qualify for this or that deduction.

  4. Meg says:

    Ugh! Taxes. I’ve gotta do Gram’s – or shove it all off on a guy who’ll charge more than $100. Bleh, bleh, blech! Is there anything worse?

  5. Sandee says:

    Bead stores and yarn shops have a tendancy of jumping in your path and sucking you inside when you’re innocently walking down the sidewalk minding your own business!

  6. melissa says:

    i can’t wait to see more daisy chain necklaces!

  7. claudia says:

    Accidently? Really. Your little feet just walked yourself into the bead store without you having anything to say? Its like the Brittney Spears song…oops…..
    I’m really immune to beading. Blindness has its privileges.

  8. sequinK says:

    Taxes — blehk. Unless, of course, you’re getting a big refund! And if you do your state taxes online, it’s pretty straighforward!
    Have fun with making more daisies! Beads are FUN.

  9. Gabrielle says:

    Taxes stink, huh? I had an accountant do ours this year and even though it was a bit spendy, it was so nice not to stress over it! Plus, they were done in early Feb (no refund though – crap).
    My brother works for Intuit and sent me a copy of TTax too. I still shoved the paperwork off on our accountant. I hope you got a refund!

  10. daisy chains? i remember doing those way back in the day when i was a little wannabe-hippie jr high kid. they were always part of your Love Beads set. (yes, i guess i did just age myself with *that* sentence.) i would also make them and sew them onto jean shirts.
    ; )

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