would you like fries with that?

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I cruised the toy aisle at Target the other day, and lo and behold, here is the glorious Peeps Maker! It was a bit distracting, because there was also an Icee machine, a McFlurry machine, and some other food-related items, including the Easy Bake Oven (oh, how I yearned for one of these when I was a kid!!!). While I personally think these contraptions are great (I love Icees), I wonder if they send the wrong message to the youth of today? Eh, whatever. Oh, I did not purchase the Peeps Maker, though I fondled the box for a few minutes.
Thanks for all the feedback on the bag instructions! I will try to figure out an easy way for people to link to it. Maybe I will have a separate patterns section? I’ve been meaning to develop a pattern for a Japanese apron, so if I ever get around to doing that, I could have a whole TWO patterns!
On a sad note, Jennifer of moving hands has decided to go on blog hiatus! We will miss her!!! BUT, maybe we can get some hints of what she is up to from Rae or Kat, two other fabulous Tokyo knitters. I have a funny story about Rae. We attended the same college for a while, and we had Japanese class together. We talked during class, but we didn’t hang out together. Imagine my surprise, then, when I got an e-mail from her a couple of months ago asking if I was the same Mariko. She stumbled upon my blog through the vast maze of knitting blogs! Crazy, huh? So yes, Joanna, sometimes it really IS a small world (see Joanna’s blog for an explanation).

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7 Responses to would you like fries with that?

  1. Susan says:

    I can kind of share your excitement over the Peeps Maker. I never got an Easy Bake oven as a kid either. When we were first dating, I told my husband that, and he got me one for our first Christmas together. Maybe I’ll ask for the Icee machine this year….

  2. JStrizzy says:

    You could just put a link to the permalink for yesterday’s entry in your sidebar, titled “simple bag pattern” or something, couldn’t you?

  3. Lora says:

    I love your tote bag instructions! I viewed your gallery you are so talented! I need to learn how to knit & sew !!

  4. tanya says:

    Ohmagoodness I love your blog. I have to say your knitting abilities make me smile and inspire!! I am a brand new knitter so any tips Email away!!! I am teaching myself since there are NO NO NO knitting groups in the area AT ALL!!!! sooo let the knitting wisdom flow LOL..peeps are dangerous sugar monsters they appear harmless but stick to your body and never let go increasing the size pants you wear…honest i was a girl scout!

  5. ladygoat says:

    You really can get everything at Target. I love that place.

  6. Francesca says:

    Thanks for the bag tute. I’ve wanted to sew a bag for ages and feel confident now that you’ve made it look so easy.

  7. KarenK says:

    Ah, a Peeps fan as well as a talented knitter and crafty blogger. In the interests of medical and scientific research pertaining to Peeps, I must direct you to this site:

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