presto! peppermint candy

peppermint candy complete.JPG
As you can see, I sewed in the zipper, and Peppermint Candy, the 2x2x3x1 ribby by Bonne Marie, is complete! The pattern is great, but I did some weird stuff to it, so initially I was not thrilled with it. After wearing it for a few minutes, though, it began to grow on me. It is very toasty and comfy, so despite the monkey arms and the short body and the incredibly crappy underarm seaming, I like it okay. The photo was taken by the one-and-only Action Hero Melissa. We went to lunch today at clarklewis, a new restaurant in an industrial section of town. It was quite yummy, and as a bonus we got to watch them butcher some large animals (I wasn’t in FFA, so I could not identify the skinned animal).
On the way home, I stopped by Saint Honore Bakery, the fancy French bakery, for some treats. I had a hankering for a cookie, but there weren’t any (the horror!). I ended up getting a couple of outrageously priced eclairs:
saint honore eclair.JPG
As you can see, it is not a particularly large eclair. The price? $3.75 each. If it were hedonistically delicious, it’d be worth it. Sadly, the pastry was a bit on the soggy side, and the pastry cream was good but not great. Okay, so I wasn’t that sad, because I’m really NOT that picky about my treats, but you know, I was trying to be scientific about it all.
I also stopped by a party supply place that was around the corner from clarklewis and picked up a few things, including a little easter surprise for my crazy old father:
george and bunny.jpg

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28 Responses to presto! peppermint candy

  1. Sharlene says:

    I think the sweater looks great! So fun, I really love that yarn. Dad looks thrilled with his Easter treat! LOL
    So what spring pullover are you making? We wanna see pics…

  2. Jessica says:

    The sweater is awesome, awesome, awesome!
    I hate a mediocre pastry. I can’t find a decent cannoli in Seattle. Every time I see one on a menu I grill the waitstaff, “Are they good? Are they really, really good?” They swear up and down that the cannoli are wonderful. They are always soggy. And the filling is never quite right. It makes me sad.
    Sounds like you’re having a fine time. I definitely need to get down there sometime.

  3. Deb says:

    Your Dad looks thrilled to be next to a pink bunny!! I think Peppermint Candy turned out great & you look good in it! I really like the colour & don’t really think it’s too monkey-arm-ish. I like anything with chocolate & cream – never picky when it comes to sweets. Maybe that’s my problem.

  4. Marta says:

    WOW, I love the peppermint candy ribby! The colour looks great. And your father is so… cute, he reminds me of mine…

  5. kerrie says:

    Oooh – love the ribby. If I hadn’t thrown mine dowin in disgust last night I’d be on my way to having one too. I’m sure I’ll pick it up in a few days. How long did it take you to knit the body?

  6. froggy says:

    Love the ribby! The yarn you choose is perfect for this pattern. I love the way you always get your projects to “fit” you. I need to work on that.

  7. greta says:

    LOVE the candy ribbie…wow! And the picture of your Dad just melted my heart. Blessings to you….

  8. ann says:

    Yea Dad!! And I agree with the others – those arms don’t look monkeyish!

  9. Marcia says:

    I want the peppermint sweater. Monkey arms look good on you. (I don’t see ’em, ackshully)
    Our sweet Mariko,
    Knits with charms.
    So no one sees,
    Her Monkey arms.
    I want that old Mac too.

  10. Em says:

    Hooray for another excellent sweater! The thing about crappy underarm seaming? No one’s gonna see it! (unless, of course, you stick your pit in someone’s face and say, SEE? SEE how crappy it is? but you wouldn’t do that)
    Great pic of your dad.

  11. sharlyn says:

    The sweater looks great on you, candy striped and sweet! And can you please, please, please send me an eclair ;).

  12. susan says:

    Your father is the cutest. Is he really crazy–as crazy as your Crazy Brother? He looks pretty chilled out.

  13. carolyn says:

    peppermint looks great, don’t know what yer whinin’ about. 😉 ha ha ha. and your dad is the cutest. when are you and melissa taking a chicago roadtrip. i’m ready and waiting. bye.

  14. Kristi says:

    I think your peppermint candy cardi looks faboo!

  15. Sandee says:

    Does your dad like marshmallow peeps too?

  16. sequinK says:

    Your peppermint cardi is DEE-lish! I love how the varigation matches up in the front. Very happy.
    And how cute is your poppy??

  17. Melissa says:

    I am glad you are making friends with your sweater. It is FUN, just like you.
    I have been enjoying browsing the online chocolate links. Thanks!

  18. Rachael says:

    Good god, that’s the greatest shot of your dad. I’m dying over here…. And girl, you look GREAT in your stripey! Keep it! Love it! Wear it out!

  19. JStrizzy says:

    The Ribby is fantastic! It has convinced me that I need a ribby too. Hmmm, maybe two: one in something nice and cozy to schlump around in, and one in something refined and elegant, for work. And count me as one of the impressed-you-made-the-variegation-match-in-the-front.

  20. Heidi says:

    What is “monkey arms”? Now I want to know if I have them too.
    Too bad about the eclair–nothing worse than soggy pastry, esp. at that price!

  21. annie says:

    I am in love with your ribby! Am I destined to make everything Mariko makes? You do such fab work.
    And love the pic of your dad. Sweet.

  22. Silvia says:

    I love the peppermint candy ribbie! It looks great. Your Crazy Dad looks like he’s about to do something bad to that bunny…
    Next time you come back to Berkeley, you can check out the pastry quality at the new cafe the Scharfen Berger guys just opened on Heinz…Cafe Cacao (I think)…It’s just got to be good!

  23. Terri says:

    Ribby looks faboo! I like it – and I’d much rather have monkey arms than too-short arms. And the eclair? Soggy eclair is better than no eclair (the state I’m in!) 😉

  24. melissa says:

    no cookies at st honore??!! what kind of bakery is that?

  25. Kerstin says:

    Your sweater is super fun! I like the haircut, too. You don’t think I can see it, but I can. 😉

  26. lucy says:

    Love the sweater!
    I just came from a worktime lunch at Claim Jumper where several people ordered an eclair to share. It was the most massive eclair I’ve ever seen, it was the size of one of those dinner platters.
    Just something to remember the next time you need an eclair!

  27. elizabeth says:

    The sweater looks great! fresh & springy, yet warm. perfect for early spring weather.
    How cute is your dad? That picture makes me want to come to Portland and give him a hug. or a bunny. or both.

  28. Sue says:

    Love the pictures of my great niece in Portland.
    What a little ham.
    The sweater is great, and your web site is soooo fun.
    Aunt Sue

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