the great yarn excursion

Action Hero Melissa, Mrs. H, and I ventured out this morning to Woodland Woolworks. It is quite a haul to Carlton, where WW is located, but we braved the rain and the two-lane roads and made it. WW is basically a huge warehouse. We hit the “stash” room first, and though all the yarns, including various Rowan yarns, which I’ve been wanting to try (yes, I confess, I have never knit with Rowan yarns!), were 15 percent off, I didn’t buy any. We had fun sifting through the yarns even though the stash room was unheated. The “showroom” has samples of all their available yarns plus a lot of books and magazines and walls of needles. I must say that while it was all impressive, the most amazing part of that showroom was the swatches. They had the most incredible and intricate swatches I have ever seen!
We headed back to Portland and hit Lint, since it was the first day of their sale. A lot of the winter yarns were 30-40 percent off, and they also had a sale room (sorry about the blurry photos):
lint sale.jpg
That’s Melissa there rooting through the boxes. She showed enormous restraint, though, and bought NOTHING! I got some GGH Sombrero, a tape/ribbon yarn:
lint score.jpg
Has anyone used this stuff before? It calls for a pretty large needle, but I don’t know if I want something all loose and drapey. They had 5 balls of GGH Samoa that I wanted, but I need 7 to make the top I want, so I resisted. Sigh. GGH is another yarn I want to try.
It was a fun day, and I wish I could go adventuring like that every day! I leave you with these goodies that Mrs. H brought. The ribbons are from Farmhouse Fabrics. They have the BEST ribbons!

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9 Responses to the great yarn excursion

  1. froggy says:

    Wow, what fun! I think I need to make a few yarn runs, too.

  2. greta says:

    such RESISTANCE, I am tres impressed (as always…) by your photos….you always make everything look so yummy. Speaking of which, the chocolate is on it’s way to megan…

  3. sharlyn says:

    There’s a top in my gallery that’s knitted using Sombrero. It doesn’t knit up drapey at all. I would say that once the garment is knitted, it really holds its’ shape….now, I haven’t washed it yet, haven’t even had a chance to wear it yet. I fear washing it because everything I read about this type of yarn suggests that it grows a lot after washing. I’ll let you know one of these days.

  4. Sharlene says:

    What a fun day! I confess that I too have never knit with Rowan yarns. They are not available at any store near me, and I hate mail ordering yarns that I haven’t seen/felt before. I did recently hear about a store over the hill in the San Jose area that sells Rowan so maybe I’ll at least drive over to squish some soon! Glad you had a wonderful day!

  5. tanya says:

    Ok you are a knitting goddess…I mastered the knit stitch. I am now introducing the purl stitch. I have NO CLUE if we have a yarn store near. Ill have to do a search but thank you for the inspiration.

  6. Rachael says:

    Dude. I was reading your post, thinking WHERE is that yarn warehouse? Can I go? The next time I’m visiting mom? THEN I remembered you’re not south, you’re north. Darn it. Got my hopes all up. Guess I must trek to Portland…… 🙂 Keep having fun!

  7. Rebecca says:

    How funny is it that I bought those identical ribbons up here in Seattle just last week! I made one bag with the birthday cakes but I’m saving the chocolates for later. Funny!

  8. carolyn says:

    hey lady i bought some sombrero last year i don’t know if you remember me swatching it up my colorway is super super bright pink with other brights (gr, bl, yel). the patterns all call for 10-10 1/2 but i liked my swatch with 9s a lot better and now that i am using the copacabana on smaller i’m thinking i would could see sombrero on 8s as well. i think 4 will be plenty for a tank top it’s got a lot of yardage and i have a couple possible patterns or ones to use for the shaping & numbers if not necessarily the stitch. we’ll have to discuss. 😉

  9. Keri says:

    I work in a yarn store and we have a tank made of Sombrero – it’s pretty great. Not too “holey” and really lightweight – and it’s a monster of a tank we have. Should work great for a cute little summer top and I love that color!

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