wall of chocolate

Today we took an excursion to Edelweiss, a German deli in SE Portland. It’s a small place, but it is crammed full of German foods. Check out this display of chocolate:
And this is not even all the chocolate they have!! It’s a pretty fun place, and as my father said, “I can go nuts in there.” Oh, and thanks to Edelweiss, I am now addicted to kindereggs, chocolate egg shells containing toys. They are not distributed in the US because kids might swallow the toys, but one can order them from Canada or Germany. Look at my toy:
kinderegg toy.jpg
When you turn the handle, the guy gyrates!!

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  1. Kerstin says:

    Great deli! (Do you live in food mecca or what?) I have to order some Kindereggs for Easter this year as they are incredibly fun.

  2. Em says:

    Whoa, how old was that chocolate? It looks like a Beatle!

  3. Melissa says:

    We are big fans of Kinder Eggs. We were first introduced to them at a wedding. Our friends got a bunch of them and gave them out as party favors.

  4. jenna says:

    Mmmm, European chocolate! I love Milka of any kind. And Mike likes the Ritter cornflakes bar. If it’s a special day, we get Eurpoean chocolate bars to take to the movies with us.

  5. marta says:

    chhhhoooocccc-late (said like Homer’s ddoooonuts)! thud! wow..

  6. Sue says:

    Here in Canada they are called Kindersurprise.
    You can purchase them individually or in gift packs for holidays. And lately they appear to be making an extra-large variety!

  7. Nadine says:

    German chocolate!!!! Yum! I want some! I live in Canada so we have tons of Kinder Surprises and they are oh so yummy! We should do a kinder egg/german chocolate exchange!

  8. greta says:

    giggle. chocolate with TOYS inside. PERFECT!
    There are still a couple of Valomilks here singing your name..

  9. Amy says:

    Geez, I always forget about Edelweiss when I go home! I’ll have to pay them a visit for provisions of the chocolatey kind when I go up there in April.

  10. Terri says:

    OMG – a wall of chocolate. That’s like a dream to me! I even recognize some of those bars. Yummy.

  11. Kristi says:

    My DH is addicted to kindereggs! We’ve ordered enough to pass out to his family at Easter a couple of times. They are kind of fun, though I prefer a darker chocolate myself 🙂

  12. I see Milka- Must_Stop_Droolling…..
    LUCKY YOU!!!!!!!!!
    Do they have the kind of Milka that kind of fizzes when you take a bite? That stuff is too much fun! ;-D

  13. Hazel says:

    Ack! Wall of chocolate…mmmmm…forbidden chocolate! I didn’t know that Kindereggs were banned in the States! I think that’s crazy. There are so many other hazards to the safety of children than chocolate eggs with toys inside that would probably be only given to kids who are old enough not eat the small parts. The toys are no fun unless you can assemble them yourself and I don’t think that a toddler is going to be doing that him/herself. Also, the toy is in a plastic container that I doubt a toddler could open anyway. Gah! I’m sleep deprived. Must stop ranting. I still maintain that the ban against kindereggs is crazy, though. [/rant]

  14. izan says:

    oh, i love how the choco was/is displayed!!

  15. Elaine says:

    Look, it’s a Beatle! WHERE did you order that? And, what? German or Canadian kids don’t swallow them? How they do that?

  16. Deb says:

    Yum – Ritter bars! Is it me or are the prizes in the kindereggs getting bigger? Because Beatle guy looks pretty big. My friend’s son was addicted to kindereggs & his prizes always looked kind of puny.

  17. maryse says:

    kindereggs. when i was a kid living in france we had chocolate eggs with toys inside called kinder surprise — pronounced kinder surpreeze. must be the same thing. i think that maybe canadian, german and french parents are less likely to sue.

  18. Chelee says:

    Will have to remember Edelweis next time I’m in Portland, looks like lots of fun. We’ll be going through in June and now I’ll have to make a list of places to visit.

  19. Eva says:

    Milka is just fantastic chocolate. We, in Slovakia, have more types of Kinder egg, but the one made by Milka is just the best. And Ritter with raisins and rum .. hmm, yami 🙂

  20. Phuong says:

    Kinder Uberaschung! I gotta stop by Edelwies next time I visit my brother. My Ritter Sport Chocolate Cornflakes supply is running low. Do they carry Thomy mustard, or should I say Senf? Who can resist mustard from a tube?

  21. Jen says:

    *drools* I haven’t had some of those chocolates in years! Ritter Sport is my fav, so yummy :D.

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