true confessions

I wish I had some interesting, crafty news to share, but I don’t. I don’t know if it’s the time change or coming down from my Portland trip, but I have been exhausted all week. Last night I knit a few rounds on Pumpkin Fluff then passed out on the couch!
I have a confession to make: I kind of like our K-Mart. I used to think it was gross, but then I started going so I could scope out the Martha Stewart stuff. Now I go and space out and wander around in various sections. It’s never crowded, and they actually have some cute stuff, particularly in the handbags and socks section.
Has anyone out there used a self tanner? I rarely wear sandals because I am an orthopedic shoe kind of gal (I am naked without my orthotics), I have mangled and unsightly toes, and I have an extreme tan line from my socks. I’m thinking that I could wear some kicky little mules (to cover my toes), but that tan line is pretty severe. Could a self tanner help? Any favorite brands? You know I like orange, but I don’t know if I want orange feet (or wait, do I?).

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  1. Jenna says:

    Hey, I recently added you to my daily reads! I like Banana Boat sunless tanning creme. It changes colors to tell you when to wipe it off, it doesn’t last very long but it’s very subtle. This year I’m thinking about checking out their spray as well.
    I LOVE kicky mules. Any kind of shoe with a back or strap causes major damage to my ankles so I’m all over the boots for winter and mules for summer!

  2. Sandee says:

    Hey Mariko, try Coppertone endless summer…I’ve used it and it works pretty well. But your best bet might be to just “go naked” or wear shorter socks! 🙂

  3. Caroline says:

    I know it’s a bit pricey but you get what you pay for. Shiseido self tanning creme, great for my asian skin tone! I have a system- 1.exfoliate heavily 2. Mix 1/2 part lotion, 1/2 part sunless lotion 3. Glop on and rub in 4. air dry. Repeat steps 3&4 next day. This way you add color slowly and it blends in with the rest of your leg. Take it from an art major!!

  4. JStrizzy says:

    I’ve used sunless tanner to deal with tan lines before, but be careful. First, thicker skin absorbs more of the tanner, so if you have any thicker skin around your ankles or heels use less tanner there. Second, be good about coloring in the lines. if you get the tanner on the parts that are already darker, it will make them even darker, and you could end up with an uneven area just above the tan line that was already tan but also got some of the self-tanner. and then of course the line will still be visible.

  5. Rose says:

    I totally love Clarins and Decleor self-tanners! I know what you mean by tan lines on the feet, I have some right now from wearing sandals during a Vegas trip just recently.
    Have you tried Clarks clogs? I know you can get them at Nordstrom in Seattle… I am not sure if you have a Nordy’s close to you, but perhaps the Portland store, when you visit your parents again or online??

  6. Krissy says:

    st. tropez self-tanner is the best … no question! (and no orange)

  7. Kelly says:

    I’ve self-tanned several times and I read a lot about it first. I don’t have a brand recommendation but I do have a few tips.
    1) After you clean your feet/ankles put some regular lotion on any rough spots and around the edge of your soles. Let that soak in a bit. This helps avoid getting those areas too dark. I always do this around my feet, ankles, knees and elbows.
    2) Wear latex or rubber gloves to apply tanner. This keeps your hands from getting super tan in all the wrong places (like between your fingers).
    3) Go with a lighter shade and apply a couple days in a row. More control and easier to darker in increments.
    Good luck.

  8. rae says:

    i use the estee lauder bronzer myself, and i’ve had good results w/ clarins. as everyone else says, you MUST exfoliate first! have you thought about knitting/reading in the shade w/ your naked feet ‘tanning’ in the sun?! use higher spf for legs, and low spf for your feet. watch the time, your fair skin will burn easily. and if you’re gonna bare your toes, brush on a little pink polish, makes your skin look more tan; red seems to make my toes more white.

  9. Stella says:

    Hi Mariko, I tried the Body Shop’s self tanner and I liked it. NOT orange & smelled gooooood!
    So did you try jackhammering? It could be a career! :)))

  10. Chelsea says:

    I second the recommendation for Clinique–It is tinted (so you can see where you are applying it) and it is one of the lighter self-tanners. I am naturally sort of a fishy-belly-just-the-pink-side-of-blue pale and this is the only self tanner that didn’t look ridiculous on me. It is still not *natural* but it is nicely subtle. (And BTW, I love how pumpkin fluff turned out, it looks fabulously comfy!)

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