the ever-growing projects list

Cherry Moon is in the house! The mailman brought a couple little knittin’ goodies today*–my Cotton Fleece to finish Gigi is FINALLY here, and a kit for knitting Caryl’s Kerchief with one skein of Koigu came. I learned about the kerchief via Kerrie, and I ordered the lovely kit, which comes complete with pattern, beads, and skein of Koigu, from Foxyknits. I highly recommend ordering from Foxyknits. Service was prompt and efficient, and she sent the PERFECT color scheme for me.
Also in the photo is a miniature rug kit gifted to me by the artist herself! Marny, who is also in the knitting guild, creates the most amazing miniature rugs made solely of French knots. I have another kit of hers, also with a Halloween theme, and my goal is to finish both rugs by Halloween. So many projects, so little time!
*I have a suspicion these packages may have arrived Friday had the postal service not been closed for the day, but let’s not get started on THAT …

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  1. Carol says:

    I got a similar package in the mail yesterday from Foxyknits. Wonderful lady and great service. I can’t wait to get started, hopefully later today. Emma’s and Kerries look so good. I shall look forward to seeing how yours turns out too.

  2. Silvia says:

    Oohh, Koigu! Those colors are always so gorgeous, it’s so hard to decide which to choose. Now finish that Gigi, I can’t wait to see yours.
    On the RR front, my boyfriend Jon Stewart had a piece on his show where S. Colbert was reporting on the undercovered funeral and “announced” they were going to rename the RR Federal Building the RR RR Federal Building…I love them…

  3. Amber says:

    Friday, yes, lack of postal service, oh yes. I’ve decided that Friday was Ray Charles day, I mean, to me, that was the most important person who died last week. So the mail was stopped in reverence of the soul man, and no one else 😉

  4. Kerstin says:

    That’s one great skein of Koigu you have sitting there! I admire your restraint. 🙂

  5. kerrie says:

    Yay for the kerchief pattern! That’s a great shade of Koigu you have there, cant wait to see it all knitted up with the beads.. I love post days like that!

  6. melissa says:

    now you can finally finish gigi! i got my yarn on saturday too. let the projects begin!

  7. froggy says:

    Love that kerchief pattern. I must order it. That’s a great colorway you have.

  8. maggi says:

    I got the kerchief pattern too — and the one for the shawl. Not sure I can manage the beads; we’ll see. Thanks for my kimono-pad ~ using it to note the design I’m winging for kidlet tank!

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