Hello? Is anyone out there? We just got home from holiday (I love using that term) this evening, and I don’t have my act together enough to post properly, but I figured I should post SOMETHING, since my wacko brother says my blog is currently blank. We had a very nice vacation, but the backpacking portion didn’t go quite as planned. This photo might give you a bit of a hint:

vacation boots (WinCE).JPG

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11 Responses to I’m BACK

  1. Ann says:

    where did u go? Glad you’re back!! What happened to your boots?

  2. Sharlene says:

    Ummm, ow? Doesn’t look like a good time was had by your feet. Welcome home. 😉

  3. Gina says:

    Looks like you’d better get a pedicure before your next bellydancing class — those hiking boots!

  4. chris says:

    Glad you’re back!! Sorry to hear about the backpacking . . . I can only assume from that picture that there must have been some sort of, ahem, incident?

  5. Katherine says:

    Yay you’re home! We missed you! 😛

  6. froggy says:

    glad you’re back. those shoes tell some story.

  7. Ann says:

    Yep, we’re here, just waiting for the tale of those shoes, plus, maybe reports of birthday revelry…

  8. MJ says:

    Eek! Lemme guess, the soles cracked? Or some wild animal chewed through them? Welcome back, tell us some stories!

  9. jenn says:

    Walked yourself right out of your shoes, did you? This is going to make an interesting story. 😉 I’m sure you weren’t thinking that as it happened though. Hope everything is ok!

  10. Jessica says:

    I’m voting for bear attack. Tiny little bears that could only attack your boots.
    Good to have you back. 🙂

  11. mindy says:

    cool web site! I am enjoying reading it. You are into lots of cool things. Peter told me you took up belly dancing too. Thats great, it looks like a hard thing to do. HAPPY LATE BDAY. Guess what? I saw a mtn lion on maddonna mtn on a run. crazy!!! Enjoy your day. Love, Mindy

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