Yes, I sewed a pair of shorts today! We’re getting ready for our vacation, and I decided it’d be nice to have, you know, one or two pairs of shorts that aren’t elastic waistbands with strange designs on them. Here they are:
They are very comfy! I also cut out the pieces for a second pair. They will be black with little white crosshatches on them. I thought they would like kind of Asian, but now I am wondering if they are going to be too, well, 80s, what with the black and white combo. Whatever.
For those of you who live near a Vons or Safeway and like mushrooms, the Vons or Safeway Select brand of frozen portobello mushroom ravioli is outstanding. Each time I eat it I think about how yummy it is. They hardly need any sauce at all!

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  1. Janice says:

    You’re good, lady. Those are sooooo cute.

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