tank progress

I am eating Jelly Belly Sours right now. They are super yummy. Anyway, I finished the back of the Throw Caution to the Wind tank: tank progress.jpg
Wanna hear something embarrassing? When I took the photo, I got my feet in the picture. Yup, my slippers on either side of the tank. I had to crop them out so it wouldn’t be completely dorky (but now you know the real story anyway–that I am a dork). My mother-in-law saw the tank and said, “Blue? I’ve never seen you wear blue, only black or green.” Yes, Lion Brand Yarns, WE NEED MORE COLORS.
Last night I showed Peter the blog, since he hadn’t seen it for a long time (okay, since the BOAT picture was on it). His comment? “That is the weirdest web site I’ve ever seen.” Then he said he was scared to tell anyone he knows about it. Heh. Speaking of scary, is anyone else totally frightened by Demi Moore? RUN, ASHTON, RUN (hey Hedi, that is a pop culture reference. Hee hee).

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4 Responses to tank progress

  1. Kerstin says:

    Oh, I never would’ve guessed you were a dork. 🙂 I’ve always found Demi *scary.* It’s just taken the rest of the world this long to catch up. Yes, Lion Brand we need more colors. Like black and green. 🙂

  2. Bonne Marie says:

    AT last: I am sooo happy to find someone who is as frightened as Demi (DuhhMeee) Moore as I!!!
    I’ve always been scared of her, even before she began bingeing on the twenty-somethings.
    The first time I saw her at the grocery store on the cover of the NatEnquirer in a beach picture with her legs wrapped around Bruce Willis almost made me faint dead away…
    Luckily it was a short line.

  3. Em says:

    (Hi, I’m new)
    Ok, I gotta admit that I’m not scared of Demi, but I’m not all that impressed with her or her “comeback” either–do you think it would’ve worked had she not started in with darlin’ young Ashton? And I think your weird site is AWESOME and I’m tellin’ everybody.

  4. Hedi says:

    Ok, I am dorkier. Who or what is Ahston? I have always thought Demi Moore as an android, and anyway, is she really still making movies? Do androids have a shelf life??
    Oh, I stopped at Beverly’s in SLO today, and there were just a few more shades of yellow, green, and blue Cotton Ease available. More than Michael’s. I’m waiting for them to put it on clearance when it’s time to stock up on wool.

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