fear of demi

Well, it seems there is a general consensus among knitting fans that Demi Moore is indeed very scary! I remember first seeing her on General Hospital (yes, I used to watch it back in the Luke and Laura days). I think her character’s name was Jackie, and they put tons of makeup on her. I remember that I thought she was good at crying.
The Throw Caution to the Wind tank is very nearly finished! All that remains is to crochet a decorative edge around the armholes and neckline. I started doing a backwards reverse triple somersault crochet or something, but it ended up looking like some mangled cord. It did not resemble the photograph in Vogue Knitting. I took the sweater to book group, hoping someone would be able to help, but no cigar. I guess I will just try again. Now.

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  1. Taya says:

    Has she never seen you in Orange??? Go to Target – the Isaac Mizrahi line is in and it has good colors! I am mad because he didn’t make it for fat chick’s too.
    I like your site…..
    T KO

  2. Kerstin says:

    Yeah, the kitty header is back up! It does make me laugh. :0 Yes, the backwards reverse triple somersault crochet is a real bitch. I highly recommend the forward handspring cartwheel balance beam head vault dead gymnast stitch. Kind of crazy and hard to execute but well worth the effort. 😉 (Summer Olympics makes for good knitting. This is not the year for it, but we can pretend.)
    Do you think Demi and Ashton throw pottery together?
    My Pete is only getting an ice cream maker if he promises to actually make ice cream in it. I’ve thrown out the last couple he received as gifts from his parents because they remained empty and took up valuable freezer space.
    Pass the homemade fluff. 🙂

  3. Marcia says:

    Remember the Luke and Laura rape song? I can’t remember the artist, but whenever I hear/read about Lukenlaura I hear that song and see the whirling disco ball. Maybe it was a Chuck Mangion (sp?) number. Good times.
    I think Demi was supposed to look like Laura, or at least they made her up so.

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