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Today was Pioneer Day in our little town. It’s a celebration of community or something. Most of the stores are closed, since the purpose of Pioneer Day is for everyone to come together and celebrate. I got talked into helping with the parade (yes, there’s a parade). I didn’t think it was going to be much fun, but it was. One of the highlights was getting to wear a fluorescent yellow safety vest! The parade had nearly 200 entries. There were lots of tractors and horses and Shriners (because what parade would be complete without Shriners) and old cars and kids.
pioneer 4 thresher.JPG
Whoah, big thresher! (On the right you can catch a glimpse of a fluorescent vest. That’s Fred.)
pioneer 5 georgia brown.JPG
This was part of a local elementary school. They had very colorful banners that they waved around. I heard they got all tangled up later on, but it was pretty at the start.
Another highlight of Pioneer Day is the bean feed in the city park. They cook up a frightening amount of chili beans and give them out for free! With bread! Here’s where they scoop it out:
pioneer 7 beans.JPG
And here’s a lively group enjoying the beans:
pioneer 8 eating beans.JPG
Notice the pot? You can bring a container from home, and they will fill it for you! Now don’t you wish you lived here?

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4 Responses to free beans

  1. Dodie & Chris says:

    We think it is wonderful here! Except for the gas after the Pioneer Day Bean feed. THank you for helping.

  2. Ines says:

    Here in south-east Spain the food in those celebrations/fiestas is free paella: big paellas for hundreds of people. For me pioneer day and things like that are very exotic 😀 Great blog!

  3. Jenny says:

    Aahhhh…..I enjoyed that post, thanks! Gave me a good chuckle it did! I hope everyone remembered their bottle of “Beano”!

  4. ~Jo~ says:

    A parade and free beans, now that’s what I call reason to celebrate! LOL! 😉

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