are you a joiner?

I don’t usually do knitalongs or jump on bandwagons because I’m generally a lazy and unreliable person (well, not completely, but you know what I mean). The other day, though, I got sucked into a furious game of Elann Frenzy. Perhaps you’ve experienced it? Carolyn is primarily to blame, though Monica and Lynette are culprits as well. And, of course, if it weren’t for Bonne Marie and her yummy new Ribby Cardi pattern, none of this would have happened at all. Here’s my colorway:
rc claret.jpg rc new leaf.jpg
That’s claret and new leaf. Initially I gravitated toward the pumpkin and green colors, as well as the purples (like EGGPLANT) and the pinks, but I thought I should break out (cue the Swing Out Sister song) and try something different. My yarn arrived today, and I’m pleased with the color combo. The yarn is a great deal, so it’s hard to pass up. Anyone else want to get in on the ribby cardi bandwagon? Be quick about it, because elann is starting to run out of some of the colors!

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  1. freecia says:

    Ohhhhh.. Ahhhhhh! trying to resist but failing. miserably. urgh. Enabler!

  2. froggy says:

    i just love the colors you chose.
    must. not. go. back. to.
    oops page just loaded and i gotta check out colors bye, lol.

  3. Amy in AZ says:

    I am a joiner! Count me in! Check out my colors (spiced wine and carmine pink) on my blog! Yarn sales so rock!

  4. monica says:

    Thanks for doing your part! I love the colors that you chose.

  5. Leslie says:

    Yikes I joined! went right over to elann and ordered wisteria(body) with leaf(sleeves). Would have liked to put them next to each other on a page-how do you do it?

  6. Sylvia in MV says:

    thank you, inspiration! — now I know what to do with the 4 leftover balls I have of oxford gray. Just need to pick a color for the body…(so many choices).
    ps thanks a ton for putting “Break Out” in my head.

  7. Lynette says:

    It’s about time the yarn started to sell out. Thanks for doing your part. I love your colors. Monica and I opted for cheap shipping/handling so we’re still waiting.

  8. Silvia says:

    And here I was blaming YOU! Hah, mine came today you crazy enabling gal. I LOVE that colorway, that will just be beautiful with BonneMarie’s pattern.

  9. Stella says:

    I’m in, Mariko! Nice poncho, too!

  10. Melissa says:

    I ordered those same colors! But not for a ribby cardy.

  11. Kitty says:

    A few days late – gotta say the poncho is AWESOME! From another mourner in another blue state and blue city…

  12. cari says:

    Great colors! I guess I’ve been a bit out of it for the past few days or so because I missed all the kerfuffle about this pattern. It’s adorable though! Clearly, I need this cardi. I’m on a yarn diet, so much as I’d like to join the Elann feeding frenzy, I’m using some Peruvian Sierra that I bought from Elann last year… Same gauge, etc. See, this is why I stash, to get me through these yarn diets. (Then again, if I didn’t have such a stash a yarn diet wouldn’t be necessary. Sigh.)
    Anyway, just bought the pattern and it’s officially all your fault that I’m doing this. You’ve tempted me in spite of my knitalong allergy.

  13. elizabeth says:

    ooohh… I was blaming Silvia. I bought some orangey yarn for a different project. I’m impatiently waiting for the package to arrive to see if the orange is an ok shade. I’m horrible picking out colors on the computer.

  14. Stephanie says:

    I tried resisting. Really I did. I lasted a whole weekend. I’ve caved and my colorway is Periwinkle and Ink 😀

  15. Shirley says:

    Guilty as charged! You naughty girls you (you, Mariko AND me and everyone else – you know who you are :)!)! I also saw said yarn when first sent the e-mail. It was the perfect weight and gauge for a vest that’s been simmering on the back burners. I also resisted…till late Friday when I saw quantities diminishing in my coveted color (charcoal heather). Now I see the alternate color (dark indigo heather) beginning to do same (what’s with dark colors going first?). Checked today, NO charcoal heather! Talk about creating a buzz!

  16. J Strizzy says:

    I was all set to spend some time deciding on colors, since they have so many and they’re all so yummy, but then I remembered the 15 balls I have from the LAST time this yarn was on sale at elann. I feel like I should let it pass me by this time. But it is such nice yarn and such nice colors…

  17. kelly says:

    I just ordered mine: Ink and Dried Herb 🙂

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